Monday, November 17, 2014

Girlish FLOWER arranging POTLUCK party 2014

I was extra excited for this beautiful, special, unique, girls' event!  I keep a lil wish list of fun ideas that I hope & wish to experience.   Hosting a flower arranging party has been on my list for a few years!  Well...I STILL haven't done it, but instead, this fall, I had the opportunity to attend something entirely similar.

Kelly, of 3 Leaf Floral,  is a local flower artist with an abundance of talent.  She creates incredible flower arrangements!  I am so excited that she lives in our little Colorado town, ready to offer us floral beauty!  Kelly, and a small group of other talented girls, got together to host a FLOWER POTLUCK.  Each guest brings a flower bundle, Kelly teaches tips and gives a demonstration, then we each get to choose from long rows of colorful flowers to create our own bouquets to take home.  I was super excited about this night!

The details, shapes, colors, scents, of every single flower is truly incredible!  God loves us SO much to gift us with the pleasure of flowers! 

My arrangement

This event was hosted at an old, charming grey house, tucked in, near main street.  

Downtown living: where every house square is like a unique quilt block 
and where trees line every street.

Arriving to a home sweet home, made over into the perfect girlish party scene...

This is the original wallpaper!
Super sweet.

We gathered outside for our flower arranging lessons. 
All of the colors were extra beautiful on this bright fall day.

 Kelly has so much skill!
 She showed us how to do more than just stuff a vase. 

photo via KRobinson Photography 

After our lesson, 
all the girls had a chance to arrange our flowers into vases.

photo via KRobinson Photography 

photo via KRobinson Photography 

photo via KRobinson Photography 

Picking our favorites...
photo via KRobinson Photography 

My sweet friend Sarah and I filling our vases...

My dear friend, Allison, making magic.

My flower pretties are done!
Ta Da!

Bunches of beautiful flowers
 photo via KRobinson Photography

After our arrangements were complete,
we came inside for good food and fun chats.

photo via KRobinson Photography 

We had a big collection of delicious bites! 

Let's eat!

photo via KRobinson Photography 

photo via KRobinson Photography 

It was a lovely evening of beauty-making, 
a flirtatious interaction 
with all of 5 of our senses, 

photo via KRobinson Photography 

pausing time
 to inhale the delicate allurement 
of the world around us. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Window pictures of FALL: autumn home decor 2014

fall home 2014

Hooray! I finally managed to catch up on our life's little timeline on my blog.  Now I am sharing current fall leaf color adventures in Aspen, and our home all adorned for this rustic, natural, warm-colored season.  

Welcome inside our fallish home.

Top right is the basket I made last fall.

Our giant pressed leaf 

Baby pumpkins in wooden bowls
This Amish handmade table runner is a gift from my mom.

These little guys are Titus' favorites.

First cozy fire of the season!

My new favorite cookbook on the coffee table

Our bathroom is stocked with handmade soap for these cold months of hot baths.

Me and my book

Fall gold leaf aspen mantel

Windows extend our home from the cozy walls around us 
to the great big world outside of us. 

 Every square and rectangle window to our backyard
 is a beautiful picture that I can never get enough of!

These beautiful fall days just beg us to come outside!

Our hanging summer flower planters 
become cozy baskets for bright orange pumpkins.  

Aspen trees are my favorite.
We named this tree May 
because we moved into our home sweet home during that month.

I really like how this picture is leftover summer and the start of autumn.

Fall wraps golden color around our lives, 
showing us depth,
 and warmth,
and even shadows, 
which make the yellow-toned light 
even more magnificent.  

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