Friday, January 2, 2015

Merriest Christmas Home TOUR 2014

This year's holiday season was a little messy for our family. All the beautiful order was out of order.  Our tree wasn't finished until RIGHT before Christmas, I was literally upstairs cleaning the guest bathroom as our guest (my Grandma!) was brining her suitcase in the front door downstairs, dinner was rarely served at the dinner table, and more!  But in the end, it all worked out, and our home sweet home became Christmasy -- and maybe just a bit peaceful! -- just in time for December 25th.

I learned something too!  I desperately need order.  I thrive on it.  I want my house neat and tidy before company comes and before big events, no matter what all the "stress less" books say.   This year memories were made with highlights of festive fun and also with low points of mama spinning in circles and yelling at everyone.   It is what it is.   This year's memories are a combination of crazy days with handfuls of treasured moments.  I cried and cursed and then I hugged and shined a smile.  I was happy and mad all together.   And I also learned to appreciate the support of my boys, all four of them.  They are consistent in their care and help.  They stepped up when I was falling down.  And they shared excitement when we were living in the happy moments of the season.  

Our Christmas Home SWEET Home 2014

Backyard JOY!

Welcome in!

Big Bear canvas art 
that the boys painted with my Mom last year

Snowman whimsey in the entryway

My new holiday clutch!  Thank you Mom!

Mudroom hallway
with a photo collection of our past Christmas trees

Front Office
Titus practiced a lot of Christmas carols this year on his violin.

Kitchen cozy

I just love my straw snowflakes!

Fresh flower love

I added some red and green to my vintage peanut machine

Baskets of winter fruit

Pink and blue candy canes

The dining room is always my favorite room of the house

live holly plant!

Apple Cinnamon garland the boys made when they were little

White stocking collection,
including the knit stocking I made a few years ago!

Papersack gingerbread man I made when I was a little girl

Upstairs is all for the KIDS!
They are in charge and do all of the decorating up here.

They each get a tree in their own rooms

The magic of Christmas!

I've had this Precious Moments Nativity since I was a teeny tiny girl

My parents sent us this gorgeous flower bouquet for the season.

love them!

stockings hung with care...

Our Christmas tree this year was tall and big and beautiful!
Smells and feels like Christmassssss.

Button garland and pretty colors

Cameron made a NOEL sign for our front window

Our giant stick star that Chris made me several years ago

We couldn't do outdoor house lights this year because Chris was in the hospital.  
We decided to light luminaries instead!  We loved them!  

Coziest up next to this, with a cup of hot tea
soothed some of the chaos of our season.

I hope your Christmas was the merriest. 

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