Monday, September 27, 2010

Who says you can't go home...

"Who says you can't go home,
these are my streets, the only life I've ever known"...
-Bon Jovi

Chris and I were lucky to be raised at Lake Powell, God's most unique work. Since moving to Colorado several years ago, we haven't been back to PLAY on the lake once! This was a complete change because as a little girl growing up until my adult life, I spent almost every single sunny weekend on this fresh water! I grew up with an extremely adventurous family, who was always seeking some thrill, usually on Lake Powell. I've shared this photo before, but it is a favorite of mine because it brings back those beautiful days of total bliss. This is my Dad and I water skiing together back when I was a teenager.

My Dad and I water skiing when I was a teenager
I have countless memories on Lake Powell that define who I am today and make me grateful for the yesterdays.
But fast forward to today! Our family was extremely blessed with an opportunity to return back to the water this year. It was an incredible vacation. The weather was made-to-order!

Titus excited to be at LAKE POWELL!

The always amazing Rainbow Bridge. Such a treat to take our boys there.

Before leaving on our vacation, the boys and I did some fun activities learning about boats and water safety.
learning about boats and water
We played a fun game to help us remember the sides of the boat: bow, stern, port, and starboard. In this game, Titus is in the middle of the "boat" in our living room and we had markers for the sides. The kids would rush to follow directions on what part of the "boat" they needed to move to.

Titus is ready to win
This was their first time to see a houseboat so I was curious to see how they imagined one looking. They each drew a picture of their image of a houseboat.
Their houseboats

I made them each treat bucket surprises for the trip which included snacks and water toys.

Finally ready to go...

Getting ready to walk down the docks and load up the houseboat!
We spent a few September days on the houseboat swimming, fishing, hiking, gathering around the camfire, and playing on big kid toys. ;)

Chris and Skyler

Then, Skyler with me...(he never got off these things)
Little hikes with our houseboat home nestled below
The boys exploring sandstone
Houseboat slide
All my boys!

Cozy in their houseboat beds
Searching for shells
Gathering shell collections was one of my favorite things to do on Lake Powell when I was little

Skyler at the camp fire as we sang some Jimmy Buffet with the guitar.
My favorite moment of the vacation was our night swim, using the moon as our lantern. We pushed through the sleeping water, barely breaking the serenity of the calm night. My friend swimming ahead of me said it was like swimming through black coffee under the night sky. I don't have any photos of it, but it was magic.

Vacation is over! Pulling back into the marina.
The boys watching with fascination as we pulled into the docks
Loading up to leave.
And Kotah asks, "Mom, why do the fun times always go by so fast?"

Spending some September days back at Lake Powell was a genuine blessing for our family.

What treasure spots do you have folded into your identity and heart?

Do you have a special place that helps define YOU?

How often do you go back?

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Peach Perfection

We are blessed to live near the most dreamy peach orchards in this great big beautiful world! Palisade, Colorado boasts fuzzy peach goodness that is to-die-for. You can smell the sweet aroma of the peaches as you walk up to the orchards. You can read here about our Peachy Paradise day at a different orchard last year.

This year, we visited a pristine operation, High Country Orchards. We even received a witty and captivating tour by the owner's son. This also happens to be the orchard that the President's family toured while enjoying some dripping sweet peaches last summer.

Rows and rows of American Bounty
During the tour, we were able to see an inside look at an entirely precise and selective process this orchard uses when boxing their prized peaches.

"Smile because Momma thinks you're SO adorable"

You know I have to add family photos

to keep this blog "Grandparent approved"
The boys loved having their Great Grandma and Great Grandpa along because it just made everything feel much more festive!

The boys with their Great Grandma

A charming little space where we all sampled perfect peaches

Nothing beats the simple taste of whole foods.
Sometimes it just takes one step through a doorway to change life's tone from the overstimulated rush to a lazy country moment.

Vintage fruit crates lined their ceiling.
I SO wish I could have a couple to take for treasures of my own!

Take your pick, because everybody likes a chance to CHOOSE...

Taking it Home:
from the orchards to the table

My Grandma treated our family to a box of peaches. Most of the peaches went into lunchboxes, but the rest I made into some peachy paradise treats.

Grilled Peaches with soft swiss and basil in honey

Easily half your peaches and cook on grill for 3-5 minutes.

Plate and serve!


Vanilla Crepes with Caramelized Cinnamon Peaches
in a Brandy Reduction

A super quick idea is to wrap up fresh locally grown fruit and give as gifts as a fun surprise to make someone's day!

Peaches wrapped in white paper bags
and tied with twine
make the best gifts

And to JUST keep it simple, load your kitchen with locally grown fresh fruit. Make it easily accessible so it can entice everyone to grab and go.

Plums and peaches
ready for little hands to fill their pockets
and run outside barefoot eating fruit!

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