Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Color It Pretty

Color Sunday is a day up on the Grand Mesa in Colorado to celebrate Fall's vibrant annual makeover. We took part by taking my parent's and brother's UTVs on a {long} mountain trail.

Kotah is predictably the first one in and ready to go! He loves this sort of outing!

The guys are mapping it out...
I should mention they didn't estimate distance well on this {long} ride. ;)

Our trail was perfectly outlined with the dancing Aspens.

We even had to cross the river a few times...
It felt like I was shooting a scene from Little House on the Prairie. ;)

Skyler is digging the ride

We saw many darling cows!
If you know me well you may think I'm saying this with sarcasm, but I think I'm serious this time!

Finding our lunch spot

This works: they made a table on this rock right by the river...
Subway sandwiches and my Mom's incredible homemade Apple Cake.

Sometimes we were a bit too wide
(don't you just hate that?...story of my life *wink*)

We had a lot of stretching breaks sprinkled along the way
...And on those breaks, Titus got lost in his own world playing trucks.

We arrived back at the parking lot at dusk. See that little moon playing peek-a-boo!
It was a full day's ride!

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-Do you have any Fall traditions in your area that are celebrated?

-Have you ever got in on the action?

Because a little bird
once told me
that every day is a gift
so we should use it wisely...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Pleated Poppy {GIVEAWAY}

EDIT: 10-9-2009 This Giveaway is now closed

I am DE-light-ED to share the SPARKLIG NEWS of a giveaway on my blog from The Pleated Poppy's online store. Lindsey has a full variety of fun treasures to eye...from tea towels to headbands!

AND...If you're reading this, YOU have a chance to win a set of her posy pins. She hand makes EACH one and offers them in a variety of fabrics choices. Visit her store to see all of your choices! They are absolutely adorable!

It's the beautiful details {like these} in life that add that little bit of extra joy to our moments, minutes, and days. In your rushed life of coffee stops and traffic jams what beautiful things do you do to charm your life?

I believe that is the question I started asking myself as I delved into the world of blogging. Because of this, I decided to take back the precious minutes of my time and add some delight to our moments. Many blogs have been chock full of inspiration on how to accomplish this, and it has been truly inspirational.

Lindsey, at The Pleated Poppy also has a blog (click here) that is simply amazing! I often run into blog treasures like these that make me super excited to propel forward with fresh ideas! In fact, I am working RIGHT NOW on a project (I will share with all you lovelies soon) that I found on her blog. I am so grateful to all of these inspirations that I co
me across!
PS...Lindsey has 3 kids just like me! ;)


To enter, easily leave a comment below. If you don't have a blog, just leave your email address and you're done. AND that is it! You're in for the win.

if you want extra entries...
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If you do any of the extra things above for extra entries, leave a separate comment for EACH way you spread the word and provide the link!
Each extra way you enter, will increase your chances of winning by putting your name in again for every way you enter.

The Winner will be drawn (using Random Sequence Generator) on Oct 9th and it may just be YOU. ;)

Finding Inspiring Blogs is what actually Works for Me this week! I am amazed at how many ideas and tips I have learned from being involved in the blog world. For more ideas, click here.

Share your creative ideas with me too on how you can use these posies! As a gift topper, in a ponytail, on a photo frame, on napkin rings, on a backpack...what else? I would love to hear YOUR ideas...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hearts in My Hands

My precious little Titus sang this song almost every day when he was little.

He pattered all over the house singing it right after he learned to talk.

He got it from me because I sang it to all my little cozy baby bundles.

To the People I've Met along the way...

The ones who took the time to encourage a stranger as they saw a young mom who had her hands {extra} full...

The ones who lived in the houses around mine when I was a kid; I learned life lessons by your examples...

The ones who are called a Church Family- you took two young lovers in and helped us create a strong foundation...

The ones I call friends {then and now} who feel my bad days and celebrate with me on my good days

The ones who took time to raise me and train me, igniting my passion to learn and founding my confidence {both of you}...

The ones who cradled me through the intense pain of my terrible times a few years ago {I will always be grateful to those ones}...

The ones who I call family who are always a constant in my life, forever standing by my side...

The ones that
I live for every moment who are within the walls of my home {all four of you}...

The one who is my partner for always, who thinks everything I do is amazing, even when it's not and who loves me passionately

The ones who are in my life now as we all move forward together in this journey of life...
{YES, that's you if you're reading this!}

...those are the ones whose hearts I hold in my hands.

Thank You...really.

photo credit: 31Experiment

The Sunshine is out there, you just have to look.
In fact, it's probably shining on your face right now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wish Upon a Star: Ballard Designs and a French Bathroom

I JUST recently started a new decor project in our master bathroom. I'm doing a French theme with black (of course) and cream with some gold. This is what I have so far {thank you Mom!}.

I would LOVE some more inspiration and ideas on how to finish this French bathroom off. Link me up to some good finds pretty please!

I also want to share this Excellent Book here that sits on my bathroom counter to read while I'm straightening my hair, etc. Yes, it's a silly title but it is a CLASSIC that even today's modern girl will love! Open it up, you'll find a treat.
(now if I could only start to apply her ideas...)

After writing my WALL post HERE the other day,
I thought I should follow up with some Ballard Design heaven. I still remember the VERY moment I fell head over heels for Ballard Designs. It was a few years ago when a catalog came in the mail. I was up allll night in sheer excitement showing Chris every single thing I loved. Finally, I found a catalog that fit perfectly.
And we all lived happily ever after
(me, Chris, and Ballard)

My current Ballard Designs
Wish List and inspiration

for all of you who are appointing your home with loveliness:

(all photos below property of Ballard Designs website)

Wouldn't these be perfect for my french bathroom?!
This is too adorable

Another perfect addition to our bathroom

Zinc Tags, Yes Please
Wow, all of this works

Fresh, fresh
Outdoor Charm

Cozy Corner

This bottle is too unique!
Wire loops for feminine fun
I've been wanting to paint put up wallpaper in a room or two for awhile! Maybe with something like this
Or this

This is the end of Ballard Design Inspiration for now. And now you know why it's one of my top favorites like I talked about HERE.

Don't forget to share any ideas for decorating my French Bathroom! Thank you

"Taste is a sharpened eye for the beautiful, the interesting, and the unusual - coupled with the talent to apply all of these to one's life." - Eleanor Lambert

Friday, September 18, 2009

Polka Dots and Crayons: A School Corner

School is now in Session
As a lot of you know, I am home schooling my oldest son this year. It was a quick change of plans and the other two are still attending the private school (which we still LOVE by the way!). The 3rd grade curriculum just didn't fit what we wanted for Cameron Skyler. So, we got busy switching gears!

This past week the two of us have been creating a school corner just for him. I am the parent but apparently my 8 year old knows more about hammers and nails than I do. First we assembled a cube bookcase. He took charge of this project and comforted me through my pathetic fits of throwing the instructions across the room and muttering under my breath about the "stupid people" who write these instructions.  Cameron's words exactly, "it's okay just need to go slower and be a bit more patient!". Umm, wow. Yes, apparently our roles were reversed during this project. Buying furniture from Target, with all the pieces compacted into a neat heavy box wasn't as painless as I had hoped! BUT! I actually did have such a fun time trying something new and I absolutely LOVED every minute of my one-on-one time with my oldest son.
We also transformed an ordinary pegboard into a contemporary bulletin board to display his work and hang some school utensils.

A big warm thank you to Chris at Just a Girl for sharing her ideas on this pegboard and more! Visit her blog, she has incredible ideas that don't stop. :)
She has propelled me to action and I am enjoying every second of it.
I am thriving on blogs right now because I get inspired to do something with every blog I visit!

-First I bought some pegboard at Lowes and had them cut it down
- Then my extra cool husband sanded it down for me a bit
- Cameron and I painted it navy blue
-And added the white dots using the paint can lids for a stencil
-We used bull-nosed clips as Chris suggested to hang the artwork and finished papers on.
-We used nuts and bolts to attach them to the pegboard.
{Wow! I actually used nuts and bolts!}

By the way, look at Cameron's handwriting...he has better penmanship than I do and he is eight...

Now the fun part of decorating and organizing!

This *too cute* stapler and tape dispenser are from Pottery Barn Kids.
(An elephant for the tape and alligator for the staples)

Fun toys for little breaks between homework.


...and more books

School Supplies all twirled into recycled food cans and peanut butter jars.

His complete school curriculum....busy year ahead.
Getting this in the mail was super exciting!

I lined his whole desk with a roll of paper to use as "scrap paper" when he needs it.

I am still on the look out for a nice DESK to finish off this corner! I want something unique with character. I will keep you updated on my find.

Cameron Skyler is super happy to start off his 3rd Grade learning.
You can click on this photo (and any photo actually) to enlarge it.

I pray blessings over the school year for all 3 of my bright-eyed boys.
Education is so important.

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"Give me six hours to chop down a tree
and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

-Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wreath Hanging 101

Wreath hangers are always annoying because the wreath hangs too high when using them. I found a solution that adds more style and better placement with your wreaths. And as my husband often says, "good ideas are always stolen"...I didn't come up with this idea on my own! I have Nester to thank! BUT it works so I'm excited to share.

Put a big, fat, ribbon around your wreath. Ribbon hangers are beautiful. Simply loop the ribbon through your wreath and nail the ribbon in the tip top of your door (where no one ever sees). If you have a metal door, use a short screw. Trim off the edges so they don't overhang on the back of the door and you are good to go.

I added a bow around the middle of the ribbon just for fun on this FALL WREATH. By the way...I'm a big fan of DROOPY bows!! I actually prefer them over wired ribbon bows most of the time. I love extra long ribbon tails too! The droopy bows and long tails have so much personality and cuteness, it's almost like they are pouting...
now I'm sounding weird because I'm attaching personal attributes to I'll stop.

I also am taking my fair share in the still-ever-present monogram craze. I painted a wooden "M" and balanced it in the middle of the wreath.
I {big heart} monograms.

Isn't a wreath a cozy way to welcome someone to your home sweet home?

I wish you could all come right in...

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