Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blog update and some thoughts from the heart on

For so long, in these early years of raising children, my role of motherhood was pushing little toes into shoes, combing hair neatly to the side, reading storybook after storybook, making surprises for excited bright eyes, throwing grand parties, and creating a world of special magic.  My biggest desire was to establish a beautiful, everyday world for my family.

 And now, life expands and evolves.  These treasured boys need new things from their mama.  Most deep, foundational needs of our children never change.  But the details do.  I am the driver.  I am the helper and the organizer.  I am the cleaner-upper.  I am the listener and the explainer.  I am the learner...what is this new music called?  Tell me why fast cars are exciting to you.  What style of clothes do you prefer? And did I mention that I am the driver?  

 Overall, it's all still the same, even though it's oh so very different.   My desire is still to infuse joy into their everyday lives.  My job is still to create a home-sweet-home for these boys.  And the joy that these not-so-little-people give to me everyday is still constantly filling my soul.

During this transition, I have blogged less.  I don't have as many crafts and projects to share, or as many grand holiday decorations to show.  I miss the old but I'm excited for the new!  Missing is a good thing.  It means the past is filled with blessings, good times, and lots of heart.  It also means that we have hope for more beautiful tomorrows, even if our tomorrows look different than our yesterdays.  I am excited to watch these boys grow and grow.  It's so fun to pull out the tape measure and it swells my heart to hear their wisdom and their thoughts.  I've never be friends to your kids, but to instead to be their parent.  Well, that didn't work!  These boys are my greatest friends!  Their company is my favorite.  I can't wait for them to continue to grow up and to be able to grow with them.

Okay, so! Here's the deal.  I WILL still be blogging, just not as often.  Most of my blog posts are storybook summaries of our current life in action. I've always journaled, since I was 8 years old!  There is something deep within me that desires to share and to record.  I will continue to record our life through blogging.

Stay around, because I'll still add fun ideas, recipes, and tips along the way...full of all things cute and pretty!  You know it! :)


Thank YOU for reading.
I love and appreciate you all...and I always have. 

May you each be blessed through all of your own life transitions.

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