Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Kids are Politically Incorrect

We passed a group of people in their military uniforms and my boys were so excited to see "army men"!!! This was just like those little green plastic fighting army men, but in REAL LIFE. They were gasping and pointing, and their voices hummed in excitement. But Titus made a discovery that perplexed them all:

One of the real life army men was a GIRL! What? None of their green plastic army men toys were girls. They sat silent for a moment then they began to work out the situation among themselves. Dakotah confidently and firmly gave his answer, "well brothers, she isn't an army men, she just cooks all their food for them!" Titus quickly retorted in an equally confident voice, as he rolled his eyes at Kotah, "No, Dakotah! She is there to clean and pack all their stuff." Skyler still wondered aloud, "then I wonder why she was dressed like an army man?". They all seem satisfied at this point with the conversation and we drove on down the road. I realized as we made our way home that my children have definitely NOT been groomed and trained to be politcally correct.

The following night Chris and I were discussing Michael Jackson's untimely death at the dinner table. The boys wondered what we were talking about. I explained that MJ pioneered a lot of music and the music video, saying that he was the "King of Pop". Kotah replied, "you mean he made up all the songs like Jesus Loves Me and all that stuff?" And Skyler responded to Kotah with a bit of disdain, "No Kotah! He is in charge of the drink Coke, you the king of Coke and all soda pop!".

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chalk Ink is on the Mark

At the Shabby Chic Cottage Blog it's all about chalkboards today. Be sure to click you way through all the unique finds there. Recently I've posted about wanting to get a chalkboard so I am looking forward to seeing all the chalkboard creations today. I've also had a lot of people ask me about chalk ink. Chalk Ink is the new best thing! It applies smoothly...doesn't make a mess...and looks more vibrant and colorful than plain chalk.

Also, you can use it on plastic Tupperware to label and you'll feel organized in a snap! Get more creative and use chalkboard name tags to label dishes at a buffet dinner or for nameplates on a table setting.

You can pick some up at Michaels or order it on Amazon. Take a look at the fun colors you can choose from:

Earthy Colors

Basic White

Teddy Bear Brown

Cayenne Pepper

Smiley Face Yellow

Candy Corn Orange

Grape Jelly

Classic Colors

Now YOU know Starbuck's secret to their colorful and crystal clear writing on their display chalkboards! So excited to share with you all...Because we're always looking for the NEXT BEST THING ! !

P.S. I don't have a chalkboard yet, this is my sweet momma's. ;)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hanky Panky Thongs *Works for Me Wednesday*

This post is for Women Only...No boys allowed ;)

Lean in close to your computers girls, I have great news! A discovery has been made that will change your life as you know it! Because SEXY has met COMFORT and is a match made in heaven. Hanky Panky has thongs that ummm, surprisingly don't feel like thongs. They are comfy make some space in your underwear drawer.

You wear slinky lingerie all the time, right? Those granny panties are a crime so toss them out. I've heard from some real life sex goddesses that it is important for married women to still always dress quietly sexy for our husbands underneath our business suits, soccer mom sweats, or aprons. Just because you tied the knot doesn't mean your husband wants to see you in unattractive underwear, right? Keep your marriage red hot by paying close attention to these details. And now the excuse of discomfort isn't valid because you've been introduced to Hanky Panky thongs.

You won't believe how great they feel and fit!

You won't go back

It's a gift for all women.

There's no denying that these are the best.

Have a peek here, or here, or here!
On my wishlist are these, and these and these.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Longaberger Baskets...

This one holds plasticware and straws

This one holds my ipod accessories, etc
This one holds rental dvds and borrowed books

This one holds current magazines

This one holds photos

These hold different pasta types

This is my bedtime basket right by my bed :)

Office baskets: pens, paperwork that still needs filed, file cards, coins, etc

This is a seasonal basket I use in the fall

Pantry baskets to hold quick breakfast foods

This one holds bookmarks

This one holds all papergoods
I also ALMOST ALWAYS use other baskets when having a party for chips, etc.

Longaberger Baskets...Just another of my TOP FAVORITE things! There are MANY knockoffs of these baskets, but here are a few reasons to go for the real deal:

1) the smell... hehe, yes! You can actually smell the quality of the product. This is one of my favorite things about Longaberger baskets, surprisingly.

2) the feel...they feel 100 times more durable and solid than the knockoffs and the wood strips stay put like they're supposed to!

3) the can see that every detail is in place. In fact, these are handmade in the USA and each basket is personally signed on the bottom by the one who made it.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Let Your Husband be a Dad

Here is the fun beverage table we had at our Father's Day BBQ. Father's Day in the new June sunshine is usually time together eating BBQ anything (as long as it's meat, right?) . It's the day to elevate Dads, to show our appreciation and gratitude.

But I have some quick thoughts for the marrieds, the wives, and moms. It's easy once a year to pat them on the back and give them their Hallark card. BUT....are our husbands elevated daily? Do we ALLOW them to carry the title Dad or are we silently stealing that title from them in the little things we do?

Do you question his discipline in front of the kids?

Do you talk negatively about him to your kids, letting your frustration show?

Do you override his authority in big decisions, mocking his choices?

Sometimes as marrieds, we get easily frustrated with our spouse. BUT, we LOVE our kids, right? Really...we do, right? Then why on earth would we ever want to rob them of a father figure? Our children need a solid family unit. When we as women decide to step in because we don't approve of our husband's choices, we are showing complete disrespect to our husbands and our children are watching. They need a Father, they don't need an overly prideful mother who belittles her husband. So, next time you think that your husband is being foolish in his choices, step back silently and ask yourself how this looks to your children. What do they see through their impressionable eyes? Do they see a Dad with his head hung low and a know it all mom, shoving her way to authority? Or do they see a Dad standing tall holding the whole family's respect? (Don't think he deserves it? ...doesn't matter...he IS your childrens' FATHER.)

I have made the mistake of altering my husband's discipline decisions in front of the kids. It took me awhile to realize how that looked to my kids and how I was disrespecting Chris whenever I did that. Don't get me wrong, Chris and I have a side by side marriage. We are a team, he doesn't dictate my life. BUT now when I disagree with him, the wiser choice is to remove ourselves from the situation and huddle alone to reach a reasonable solution.

Soooo, let your husband be a Dad this Father's Day and every day. Celebrate that title with him, encourage it. Give your children a FATHER; it's a true gift to be greatly valued! Let's not take that away.

In closing, a quick shout out to my own dad, an amazing, solid, and stable person in my life! I love you always Dad and feel grateful for the gift of a Father that my family has given me. I treasure you always.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cupcake Pan Creations *Works for Me Wednesday*

cUpcAkEs are extra fashionable and celebrated everywhere right now! Because what is more dreamy than a petite bit of sweetness nestled in a zig zag wrapper, pillowed high with frosting and topped with a shiny cherry and rainbow sprinkles?... Nothing, of course!

Let's get creative and think of other ways to use cupcake pans. Please share your ideas!
On another website recently I saw a cupcake pan being used as a veggie tray, holding cut veggies in 5 cubbies and ranch dip in the last. Super cute!

I experimented with alternative uses for cupcake pans:

Baking chocolate peanut butter brownies with new flair and easy way to serve!

Serving cold ice cream on a summer day! Strawberry? Vanilla? or Chocolate?

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Happily Ever After in Perspective

This gentle sign sits in my livingroom...

Was your day really that bad?

Will whatever it is that you're grumpy about today be bothering you in 5 years?

Could it be worse?

There are very few readers who truly are struggling with extreme circumstances and this post doesn't apply to them.

BUT to the REST OF US...
chin up bright eyes!

Your life is NOW. Don't waste a moment.

Be Blessed and Go! Live YOUR Happily Ever After.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Celebration Banner Boards

Our dining room looked much different than most at the home I grew up in. We had a big (no scratch that) a HUGE white board on the wall across from our dinner table. My parents home schooled us so our dining room served as a school room during the day. As a young teenager, I started a habit, which turned into a tradition, of using the dry erase markers to make banners on the white boards during celebrations. On everyone's birthday they could expect to stumble out into the kitchen on the morning of their birthday and see a colorful HAPPY BIRTHDAY scratched creatively over the entire white board. I had so much fun with it that I started making banners on holidays and season changes too!

Well....then I got married and moved out. My husband and I lived in a super tiny 5th Wheel travel trailer our first year of marriage....AND, YES...I bought a mini white board that you could fit into a backpack to keep up my tradition.

Later, when we became like normal families and moved into a regular sized home, I bought a bigger white board and I still use it to this day. However, our current white board is miniature in comparison to the original white board I had as a child.

Every year my boys get a Happy Birthday banner and every year it is in a different style and color theme. We also have Spring and Summer banners...Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentines Day banners...Anniversaries, First Day of School, and Award Day banners, YOU name it, we celebrate it on our white board!

Try it, you may love it! And when we take the time to get enthusiastic over the celebrations in life, it adds unexpected joy to our daily lives. Details are important!

I also suggest purchasing a chalkboard instead of a white board! In fact, I may be converting to one soon! Chalkboards are everywhere in home decor right now. You can buy the NEW Chalk Ink Markers
instead of plain chalk to give a more sophisticated and vibrant look to your creations.

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