Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm on Design Dazzle today for SUMMER CAMP: Ideas & Projects for YOUR kids!


Hi friends!  Come see me today over at Design Dazzle's Summer Camp Event!  I'm sharing a blog post there about "Lucky Day Cash Bottles".  These bottles were our way of celebrating the outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy this big beautiful world.   Click, click, click on over to read all about it.

I also want to kick off your summer with a full resource of ideas from MooreMinutes. 
Click on any link for more details. 

For more ideas, see this past SUMMER RESOURCE post!

Enjoy these kick back and wild days of summer
and don't forget to stop
by Design Dazzle to read about more ideas! 


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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Made at Home BUTTERFINGER CANDYBARS & Happy Father's Day too!

These homemade Butterfinger Candybars are SO SUPER easy that it doesn't really count to call them "homemade".  When I first joined Pinterest, this recipe was one of the first pins I did!  My Dad's favorite candybar has also been that yellow-wrapped Butterfinger bar so I had to try this for him! 

These taste exactly like the real deal.  Rich, buttery, and fingery.  Umm yep.

Here is the recipe from Pinterest:

1 lb. candy corn
16oz jar honey roasted peanut butter
16oz pkg. chocolate candy coating

Melt candy corn in microwave on high 1 minute. Stir and continue cooking in 15-second intervals til melted, stirring after each interval. Stir in peanut butter. Spread mixture in an 8x8 pan lined with parchment. Cool completely. Cut into squares. Dip in melted chocolate candy coating. Lay on waxed paper to set.

Coupled with a cold glass of milk in a "DAD" superhero cup makes it O so perfect.

 I packed up a bundle in wax paper and a cardboard box to give to my Dad on his special day.

Today we are having a Sunday Funday, hanging out.  
Dakotah wanted us to have a UFC Fight Event {family style} for Father's Day.  
 He prepared everything and we got to it! 

I was the announcer
All the boys were the fighters
We had water for the fighters
A medal for the winner

Anything goes: boxing, wrestling, whatever.

Other Father's Day STUFF 
on MooreMinutes:

YUM all over.

Celebrating the Dads around the picnic table


The qualities the two best men have shown me in my life

Lessons from my Dad

Enjoy your Sunday Funday 
celebrating the foundational men who make our world incredible.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Surprise VIDEO! Our wedding and reception 13 years ago with The Notebook

 My main squeeze and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary in May.  My absolute favorite thing in life is what I have with HIM.  His love has a hold on me.  All of my normal todays are better when we are together.  He is the man I respect above all others, and the one who makes me smile inside out.   I am crazy about this boy.

I'm extra excited to surprise him today with a video I had made (nope! I didn't make it myself) of our wedding and reception 13 years ago.  

Surprise!  Here is a recap of our celebration 13 years ago, mixed in with the movie that is THE story of our love story: The Notebook.

Dear Chris,

Watching these captured-in-time moments expand my heart with feeling.  I re-live my minutes and re-experience those young, but oh so real, emotions.

You always take care of me and protect me.
You make me feel safe.

You captured me.  You've had my whole heart all along.  I have this intense love for you that I could never give to anyone else.  The sound of your voice soothes my spirit.  Your intelligence and ambition constantly amaze me.  You make me laugh and smile, but most of all, you make me love deeper.

Thank you for cherishing me and providing me with so many blessings in this world. You grab my heart every day!

You're so tall and I'm so not tall.  We fit perfectly together.  I love us.

I can't wait for tomorrow.  I can't wait to tell you 2 million more times how much I love you.  I can't wait to be held in your giant arms again and again.

That's my sappy confessions of like and love.
Happy Anniversary Chris.

More about our story: A Decade Down
Checklist for marriage: The Possibly Offensive Marriage List
All about my main squeeze: Christopher

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Hi there friends. I'm back again: Our Life Happenings from the past few weeks

Lately, I'm sharing most of my photo updates on Moore Minutes Facebook page.  So follow along over there loves! I'm also posting to Instagram.  You can find me there under MooreMinutes {of course}.

This is my cheese face.
My very pretty cheese face.

I've stepped away from regular blogging to put my FULL focus on health issues I've struggled with for awhile.  I've mentioned this thorn in my side a few times on my blog before.  The most recent update is here: Learning about perfectionism, struggles, and being set free. 

I am so excited at the new little victories I've had with this battle and the freedom that has come with it!  I feel a strong desire to share my whole story with you someday here. 

In the meantime, I have a whole big-little photo collection all lined up in a row of our happenings the past few weeks.  We've been out, celebrating our todays, spending time with each other, and creating moments! 

A handful of road trips!!

We've spent a couple weekends up in glorious Aspen, Colorado.
 Yes, I know.  We are lucky ducks.  ;) 


Waking up to say hello to the morning in the mountains!

A few final snowball fights in the mountains before spring run off begins.

Cool shot of Kotah dodging a snowball!

Meeting new friends...

The Moore Boys in Aspen looking super fly! ;)

Exercise is everywhere when you're a kid.
This was SO tall and scary!

Peaceful hikes under the tree giants.

Another weekend we went to Carbondale to do some sight seeing and hiking. 
We also visited Osmia Organic Soap Shop and I blogged about it here

If I stand on top of this rock,
I can be almost as tall as you.
So there.

We spent a spring night celebrating a dear friend's birthday at the Palette painting studio.  Have you 
ever been to one?  It is such a creative way to spend time with friends.  The instructor took us through step by step instructions, teaching us how to paint our own canvas in a night.  I'm not a painter.  Nope.  Not at all.  But!! No talent was required.  It's so easy to bring out the artist in anyone during these classes! 

Chris and I both turned 31 in April.  
Our birthdays are a day apart.  
Chris hacked into my blog account and wrote a surprise birthday blog post for me! 
 Did you see it?
Love that boy.

I am SO very ready for this decade. 
 Life is a beautiful thing.

My mom's birthday is the same week.
The three of us always celebrate big in April for our special days!
We've been doing it for over a decade together now.
Here are comparison shots of Chris and I turning 21 together...
then a decade later turning 31 together.

We went out to a Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate.

For his birthday, I made Chris his favorite dessert:
Chocolate chip cookies,
but I supersized it for my hunk.

I topped it with homemade hot fudge sauce.  
It was gone in 3 seconds.

To him, from me.

My mom surprised me for an amazing birthday adventure day out!  
She came up with the most creative idea.
See details on the facebook post here!

Lunch and birthday treats

We had a lot of quick fun at the school spring track meet 2013!

The kids closed off the end of the school year with a school event at the rock climbing gym.

Titus had his first violin recital. 

I made some Circle Cakes for the teachers at the end of the year.

1) bake a cake
2) use biscuit cutters to cut circles
3) slide into cute paper ice cream cups
4) add a note
5) deliver with love!

I also surprised the school kids with Sonic slushies on the last day of school.
A color rainbow of 40 slushies in the back of my car!

 I captured in a photo
 the road beneath my shoes that I would run after completing my first 10 mile run ever!
It was an exhilarating moment for me.

The boys even joined in for part of my run!

Learning to run has been so exciting and I adore my team of boys who cheer me on. ;)

I've also still been busy in the kitchen with my homemaker apron on...

Baking homemade bread for my family.

Making party appetizers

Fresh blueberry muffins for our road trips!

Homemade oreos!

Healthy dinner experiments.  
These are chicken fajita stuffed peppers.
I'll be sharing this recipe soon. 

Cinco de Mayo lovin
with fresh Guacomole.

Finally, Chris and I just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary with a spontaneous
 Ferris Wheel Ride.  
The carnival was in town and 
you know...
this beats fine dining with roses any day.

We are loving these Moore Minutes! 

It's been a rough struggle for me as I've battled my health issues.  
But God is so good and I'm seeing healing little by little.

Hopefully, I'll be back to regular blogging sooner than later.