Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sun's Down Summer, Part ONE: Our food and moments at home

The free, long, days of summer hold a happy nostalgia.  These are just small, captured moments of the everyday, living easy in the sweet summertime.

Oh, hi summer!

Summer moments captured at home 2015:

 Room with a view

Teacher gifts we made when school ended!
Buy a sun tea jar and fill with citrus fruit! 

Our always changing white board.  
We wrote notes of our favorites 
throughout the summer months. 

This summer was a bit different 
because the two older boys both worked summer jobs.  
Titus and I got a lot of moments, just the two of us, 
while the brothers were off practicing life in the working world.  

I made them a fun sign, 
packed their lunch, and sent them off for their first day,
 helping Chris at work!

Dakotah grabs my heart all the time.  
He was so excited about his new job.  
He organized a budget in a binder, and organized a system to track his paychecks, etc.
He even made his own personal business cards.
Love.him. SO. SO.much!!!!

Titus and I spent a lot of time together while his brothers worked!

One little one left at home while the olders are working summer jobs.

This boy loves his puppy...
and his puppy loves him.

Cameron decided to dissect a dragonfly one day, even after I pleaded for him not to. ;) 

Meanwhile, the other two boys planned and presented a very entertaining magic show!
I have my own childhood memories 
of planning plays, dances, 
and all sorts of presentations to show the parents.  <3 p="">

Summer veggies!

Pizza salad

 Squeeze fresh lemons and freeze in ice cube trays.
They freshen up water and tea for your summer drinks!


Moore Food,
The good stuff!

Our boys write in their summer journals  all summer long
to keep their minds sharp and to document memories.

More journaling!

Running with my boys makes me the happiest!
(Again, my other running partners were usually at work this year) 
*lil tears*

We spend a lot of outside moments on summer evenings.  
Usually always on wheels!

Lots and lots of sunset walks

Our barefoot boy.
All day, every day.

Bike riding


Lazy homework-free nights

Inside forts,
using every blanket in the house

The boys spent a couple nights in their tent in the backyard.

They're growing up
and that makes me happy and sad
all at the same time!

A lot of daytime boy adventures

Epic Nerf gun battles

Outside play

My babe, doing his thing.

Outside meals are our FAVORITE!

Hummus chicken with summer veggies

Colorado peaches are the winners!
We spent a sunset picking peaches at our dear friends' home sweet home.

Palisade peach season means a lot of homemade goodness!
Peach cobbler...gone in 60 seconds,
always a la mode

Walks to our downtown ice cream shop

Bike rides to the swimming pool!

A family staple,

Glazed lemon zucchini bread

I can't get over our skies. 
 God gives us a new gift every.single.day 
Every sky inspires awe within my soul. 

This sky was incredible!

I think I snapped a picture nearly every day of our glorious skies.  
These beautiful masterpieces, made new every day, 
renew every part of my spirit 
and release so much joy into the world.

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