Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moving into our new Home Sweet Home: enjoying these newest moments

 I am so grateful to Chris for providing for our family by buying us a new home sweet home.  This is what hard work is all about: giving families a place to call home.   I appreciate the work he puts in every single day as he consistently goes to work to ensure that his family is secure.  His dedication and solid work ethic never goes unnoticed.  He is the leader of our little family five, the one who makes all of our moments possible.   Thank you Christopher for taking care of us so well!

  This blog post is showing off moments at our new home sweet home!

I was so excited for our move!  
Our new house is super similar to our old house, 
with some fun improvements.

Moving Day Days!

Relaxing in our backyard after we finished the hard work of moving.  
We were extra content at this very moment!

Our backyard is kind of amazing!  
We have already made handfuls of memories back here this summer!

God gives us new gifts every day in the sky.

God made His own filter.
 Everything is dusty pink.

We had lots of friends and family over for dinners and hang time 
throughout the summer.

Rain, rain, stay all day

Another rainy day!

This was after we returned from a giant rain adventure.
It was, collectively, one of our favorite days this summer!

Water gun fights...

...and sword fights.

I am crazy about these three,
I just want to squeeze them!

After recovering from my surgery, 
we kept our activities low key. 
So this day, we gathered around with popsicles 
as I read the boys the history of the Popsicle! 

Saturday yard work for the boys

Our side yard is pretty peaceful too,
with a cute garden corner.

Starting off the summer in the garden!

Chalk art by the boys
at our new home sweet home.

Of course Titus drew a line of his signature smiley faces...
and I can't help but smile.

Chalky hands!

Fresh cut flowers from our yard!

Where we gather...

I am extra grateful for the blessings God sends our way every day:
glorious colors in the sky,
heart-melting smiles from the ones we are crazy about,
His perfect timing, order and design,
new beginnings,
bittersweet endings,
and moments in time that we get to keep and treasure for always.

May you seek out and find 
every single little way
 that God has blessed you today.

Most photos on this post are from my Instagram @mooreminutes!


Mystica said...

Congratulations. Enjoy your home.

The Tuscan Home said...

Congratulations, so excited for you guys. Enjoy your new beautiful home, backyard, and views. :)

Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Your home is beautiful, congratulations!


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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