Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So long summer 2014

During the summer months, both our days and nights feel longer, extended, drawn out, with our schedules not quite so overfull.  We soak up lazy minutes just hanging out, together.

This summer was filled with two very time-consuming things.  We moved into a new house at the beginning of summer and I had surgery mid summer.  Somehow, we still managed to pack a lot of fun into these short summer months in spite of these life stresses.  I will be sharing a couple blog posts this week, wrapping up our last few months.

Lots of family bike rides...

Daktoah's first pump.  I think I had 200 of these by the time I was his age!

Chris made us pull him with a rope.

Lots of running because it's good for the soul.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids run.

One of the best parts of running is taking in so many incredible views.
This street is right around our corner so I run it every week.

Good morning world.  
I'll wake up for this.

Imaginative play time...

The boys built literally hundreds of Lego sets.
Lego sno cone shack

Every year, the boys pack their backpacks with survival gear and head out exploring in the open country.  They are all on their own, just being boys.  They pack water, food, rope, compass, pocket knives, and whatever else a boy may need for an adventure.  It is so cute to watch them bound away, on their mission!

The boys have built many forts throughout the years.  Cameron even blogged about one of them here!  This year they made a super cool fort called ACE PLACE.

The fort had a kitchen, beds, couches, and this nifty swing.  It makes my heart happy when our boys practice living a classic boyhood, full of imagination and adventure.


A handful of hikes, exploring the land around us.

Group hikes with our amazing fitness team, 970 Muscle!

Hiking up Mt. Garfield for the first time!

And we cheered on a lot of celebrations...

dressing up for weddings

Celebrating my brother's 30th birthday at the new gun range, 
of course.

...and my Dad's birthday mid summer...

We grabbed a lot of lake days any chance we could!
See here for our
All Day, All Night 4th of July Lake Party

Pack up and get gone!

I water-skied for the first time in years!  It's one of my very favorite loves.

Chris had a powerlifting meet at our gym!

Lots of gym minutes...

 Derek and I completing this year's Murph Challenge!

Me and my babe

Out and about times...

Our annual $1 Old Navy flip flop sale shop spree!

library days

pool days

the big guys play too

My dear friend took my boys to Vacation Bible School week during my recovery period. 


Sno Cone treats high up in the tree

Playtime under the big sun

Another summer closes.

The giant sun pushes high,
circles round,
rising big to the center of the sky,
with rays so vivid, they could be touched.
Then that sun tucks itself away, 
waiting to repeat it's beautiful routine the next day, 
and the next, 
and the next.  

So we do the same, 
repeating traditions,
holding tight to the things we cherish most,
stacking the memories high,
and with each new season,
creating beauty in everyday life.

MOORE Summer Blog posts:

Most photos on this post are from my Instagram @mooreminutes!


Jane said...

What a fun-filled summer! (except for the surgery - hope all is well) Where have you moved? Looks a bit more rural with lots of great space for exploring and playing. I love reading about the boys' adventures.

You are looking amazing! You have worked so hard...and it shows. Good for you!

We moved last least we packed up 20+ years of stuff (and tossed/donated tons!) and placed it in storage until November...maybe longer. We moved over to the east coast...St Augustine, to see if we like living here. So far...YES!


caveman said...

Perfect wife = perfect life :-) Every picture caused a flood of memories and ear to ear smiles.

Unknown said...

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