Monday, October 6, 2014

Kids Adventure Race in Vail, Colorado, PART ONE

 This is part 1 of a 3 part blog series.  The rest of the series can be seen here Part 2 and here part 3.
Because I haven't been blogging regularly, my goal is to click out a lot of posts in the next couple weeks to catch up on our little activities.  

Our three boys are always full of adventure.  The back of our couch is a horse, the carpet is the ocean, the closet a jungle.  They constantly bound down the stairs, dressed in costume, ready to conquer the day.  However!  This particular weekend, their imaginary adventures were the real deal.  They had the opportunity to actually wade through water, rappel down cliffs, and trek up mountain sides, using a map to guide the way.   We live next door to glorious Vail, Colorado.  Every summer Vail hosts a special race JUST FOR KIDS.  The Kids Adventure race is an event for the littles filled with all the best outdoor sports: mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling, tubing, mud walking,  running, and more!

This race is designed to complete in teams of two.  The first day Titus raced with his teammate and our neighbor, Molly.  Cameron and Dakotah were a team the second day during the older kids' race.

We traveled to Vail with our special neighbors for Day 1 of this event!  Our little group of blondies!

Arriving at our hotel in beautiful Vail, 
ready to race!

Family selfie in the mirror 
of course.

Vail is such a magical vacation destination.  
We found a handful of adorable restaurants.  

Breakfast coming up!

Lots of meals out are always my favorite!

Our oldest.  This boy is such a blessing to my heart!

On our last night, the boys ate dinner and played at the pool while
Chris and I enjoyed a late night dessert date.

And now, what we came for...
All checked in and ready for their race!

After registering for their race, 
we took a walk all over this beautiful mountain town.

We also hitched a ride after dinner!

I am crazy about this guy.  He gives our family SO much, love him!

The culture of mountain towns are kick back.  
People see and feel the beauty all around them and
 live in the moment, breathing contentment.

The morning of the first race was bright and beautiful! This day was Titus' and Molly's race day.  The older kids raced the day after.
Titus is ready and riding to the start line!

The buzz at the start line,
giving off energy for all the racers!

Our friend made delicious protein peanut butter balls for our little racers.  
Thank you Ann!  These were extra yummy.

Once the race started, we ran to each obstacle to watch.

Ann and I cheering our littles on!

Beauty is everywhere when you're standing on the side of these mountains.

Flowers in the mountains are brighter and bolder than anywhere else!

Biting into big pizza and celebrating after their race.

This is a wrap on Part ONE. 

This VAIL ADVENTURE RACE blog post series will continue in two more parts:

PART TWO: Team M&M (Titus and Molly's race day!)

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