Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doing Things PART ONE: Girl's Weekend Getaway to Denver, Colorado

Ok!  I am still hard at work playing catch up on my lil blog.  By the end of next week, I should be caught up and ready to post in sort of real time again, instead of months behind.

After the busy part of our summer, filled with moving and surgery, we spent the rest of it doing things.  Doing a lot of things.   I like doing.  It makes me happy!  The next three blog posts I'm going to share some personal fun, just me and my stuff, family not included. ;)

This is part 1 of a three part blog series.  
See here for part 2, running up Vail Summit
here for part 3, jumping into the sky.

My best friend lives in Denver.  You all know about Brandi.  I've talked about her here, and here, and here.  Oh! And here.   Chris was the biggest sweetheart and encouraged me to take a girls trip to Denver over Labor Day weekend to see her.  He would hang with the kids all weekend at home, and do guy stuff...stuff that I'm probably glad to not know about.  I was so excited to have a little mini escape to beautiful Denver to spend quality time with my girl.

She made me feel so welcome and special!

I was excited to stay in the guest house of her beautiful place on top of a hill.

The view from my window!

Such a gorgeous and beautiful home,
hidden in the mountains of Denver, Colorado.
I couldn't get enough of it. 

We had ice cream nights

And latte mornings...

And cupcake days

We did lots of shopping
(thanks Brandi!! hehe)

And a lot of cozy chatting.

It was such a good three day weekend 
and I can't wait to do it again.

Cheers to almost a decade of friendship, 
a friendship made of the good stuff.

I am so thankful to have that one in my life, 
who knows me inside out, 
who doesn't care about my flaws, 
who cheers me on,
who always believes in me, 
who wants to hear about my day...every day,
 and who delights in listening to stories about my boys.  
Brandi is my treasure.  
She has supported me and helped shape who I am today.  
Oh yes, it's the good stuff. 


Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Lisa, how fun. I think I want to go stay at that guest house!! :-) - Dori -

b. said...

This is the sweetest little post... I love it but what I love more than this post... That girls weekend! I think it's probably one of my most favorite times ever! I think it's almost time for the boys to have another boys only weekend with just boy stuff! ;)