Friday, October 31, 2014

Birthday Brunch and all-about-CEREAL Birthday for our oldest!

Birthday Brunch

Our oldest turned 14 this October. Cameron Skyler is a true blessing for our entire family.  He is solid and secure, everyone depends on him.  

 birthday loot!

Chris and I made an acronym on his birthday gift this year for the wrapping paper.  Chris, my extra sharp and witty husband, came up with most of these words.  They are OH so appropriate for our Cameron Skyler.  

Cameron is CONSIDERATE, always conscious of other's feelings and always polite.  
He is AMAZING and ANALYTICAL, he analyzes everything!  Why isn't his brain worn out?!
He is MATURE and MUSING,  always reflecting and full of thought.
Cameron is ENTERPRISING and EAGER, ready to step out into this great big world.
He is RESPECTABLE,  I love this about him!
He is ORDERLY, ORIGINAL, and ONE-OF-A-KIND,  his uniqueness is unmatched.
And finally, Cameron is NOBLE,  NOVEL, and NOTEWORTHY, if you know him, you know this to be true.

Our household holds tightly to traditions.  We have MANY on birthdays, little ones, details, but big in each of our hearts.  We anticipate, wait for, and appreciate the traditions that cycle through the calendar.  I have a past blog post about easy 5 Minute Birthday Traditions.   I need to do an new updated one to include new ideas we've incorporated these past few years!   The most-loved tradition is walking out of their rooms to decorated stairs.  Titus' 8th birthday took the cake for this one, Waking up to a Giant Maze of Balloons!

I didn't get a clear shot of it, but I printed a picture poster for his birthday banner this year.
His birthday cheer waiting at the bottom of the staircase...

Birthday message in the kids' bathroom.

Another tradition is setting their place at the table with our old "special bear", a special plate, and breakfast morning treats.  I always set up different breakfast treats.  This year was all about the CEREAL.  Cameron is the biggest cereal lover I know.  He literally goes to bed at night, excited to wake up for his morning cereal feast.  Cheerios is his top favorite.  So, for his birthday this year, I themed it all out on cereal.  

Our Cheerios lover in a candid spontaneous shot with his custom birthday spoon gift!

Since Cameron is a bit older now, I slowed down on the big themed birthdays.  (However, I still had to squeeze a tiny bit of theme in there so the theme was breakfast and cereal...k?k. ) 

Instead of a birthday party, we had a family celebration with my parents and brother and we also took the boys to the pottery place to paint.  Cameron made a custom cereal bowl. 

This is his hand-painted cereal bowl with his morning breakfast surprise loot!

He painted his bowl with cool trees!

Then, he made the inside of the bowl the SKY.

I ordered Cameron a custom cereal spoon to follow along with our lil birthday cereal theme.

I let Cameron pick his birthday menu from a recipe board I have on Pinterest.  We celebrated with a birthday BRUNCH!

His menu selection was:
Smashed Edamame Toast
Baked Onion Ring Eggs

and for his cake, he chose a Cinnamon Roll cake
(yes, it tasted like a sweet roll!)

Basically, the theme of this birthday was

Onion Ring Eggs
I baked homemade onion rings 
then just cracked an egg in them and baked them until the eggs were set.

I had some leftover baked onion rings too for a side dish.

Birthday brunch is served!

This is such an easy birthday cake to make!
It's not my favorite, but it is still tasty.

fresh fruit

I found the cutest breakfast juice!
100% tangerine juice,
and it zips!

Happy Birthday Cameron!
We love you so very much!

 Make 14 wishes,
if you don't tell,
they'll all come true.

See here for pictures of Cameron all super cute grown up!

Cameron's past birthdays:


Meghan said...

Happy 14th birthday to your son.

Now, my real question, my birthday is in July & I will be, ahem, 45, so if I come stay with you, will you do a theme for me? LOL

b. said...

It's amazing how fast he has grown!!!!! Cute theme for him. Does he use his personalized bowl and his cereal spoon every day? Does anyone else ever use them?

johan32 said...

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zerry ht said...

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