Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kids Adventure Race in Vail, Colorado, PART THREE

This is part 3 of a 3 part blog series.  See part 1 here and part 2 here
Because I haven't been blogging regularly, my goal is to click out a lot of posts in the next couple weeks to catch up on our little activities.  

This week I've shared some Vail, Colorado, vacation moments (part one and part two). This summer, we spent the weekend here with our neighbors to experience a special race.  The Kids Adventure race is an event for the littles filled with all the best outdoor sports: mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling, tubing, mud walking,  running, and more!

The racers must compete in teams of two.  The first day Titus raced with his teammate and friend, Molly. Today's blog post shows the details of Cameron and Dakotah's race the following day. 

Up bright and early, dressed out and ready!
Brother TEAM.

The race is designed with an adventure map for the teams to read, figure out, and follow.  After completing each obstacle, they get it checked off their map and are able to move on to the next obstacle.  This is a genius idea, packing lots of adventure into our kids' day! 

Team MOORE MUD  reviewing their course map 
of this adventure.

On your marks, get set!

Go team MOORE MUD!

Rappelling down steep rocks...

 Zip-lining over rivers...

Every obstacle was an adventure.

Into the water...

This giant slip n slide was my favorite!  I wish I had a turn.

I had my own adventure and got stuck on the side of this mountain while trying to rush to the next obstacle.  I missed some of the race until Chris came and rescued me lol. least I got a cool picture way up here

Finally the finish line is in sight,
waiting for his teammate and then...

Bolting to the finish line!

 Way to go team Moore Mud!

Chilling out with Horizon Organic milk and mac & cheese after their big race.

The was the grand finale of our summer fun for 2014.
An incredible weekend, 
full of worthwhile activity, 
in a gorgeous place!  
We can't wait until next year.  


Meghan said...

What an awesome thing for your children to participate in!!!!! They look like they had a blast. A little tired, lol, but a blast!

Unknown said...

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caveman said...

I was impressed and please with the level of difficulty of the course. Those body really worked for it! I'm surprised you didn't mention Cameron destroying his finger on the rappel (early in the race) and still finishing strong :-)

Unknown said...

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