Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PART TWO: Kicking mud at the Warrior Dash Race 2013, Copper Mountain, Colorado!

This is part 2 of a two part blog series.  Please see part 1 for more details. 

Yesterday I shared all the fun details about our weekend away with our 970 Muscle team: the good meals, fun recreation, and gorgeous lodging!   I have wanted to run a Warrior Dash for a few years and was finally able to put a jumbo checkmark next to it on my wishlist!

Our team, 970 Muscle, ready to run!

The Warrior Dash at Copper Mountain, Colorado, was 3 miles with 12 obstacles.  The obstacles included crawling under barbed wire, climbing over high walls, rope climbing, jumping over fire, swimming in mud, and a few more lovely things like that. 

Getting ready...

Talented teammate Lacie braiding my hair tight to my head before the race.

 My giant fear was that my hair would get tangled up in barbed wire.  Lacie pretty much saved my life with this braid.

Our amazing 970 Muscle Team

Our team is supportive, energetic, full of life,
ready to face challenges, and zeroed in on positivity.

Our men


the girls

Experiencing this race as a big TEAM was without a doubt, what made this event PERFECT!  I am extra thankful for the quality people in our life.  Our trainer, Derek, shares my exact life values of living a life of gratitude and celebrating positive life moments.  Thank you Derek for making this happen and for bringing us together.  

I have shared a bit about 970 Muscle and Derek on my lil blog before:

Okay...back to mountains and mud and races.

Climbing, climbing up the mountain!  Colorado people are kinda cool.  ;) We deal with high elevation and thin air.

We were racing at 10,000 ft!

These fire photos are courtesy of Jonathan Hobbs

Chris being Chris. 
Why jump over the fire when you could stomp on it?

These boys get too excited about fire.
Derek even did body squats right over the open flames. 

Baptized by mud!
Mud photos courtesy of Jonathan Hobbs

Climbing up cargo nets...
we worked together, as a team,
the entire time,
ensuring everyone completed each obstacle successfully.

This is my triumph-tongue-out-I-made-it-to-the-top look 

Giving my warrior cry!

Finish line coming up!

We did it!


Accomplishments are exciting gifts we get to tear open with racing hearts.  
Those gifts of accomplishments
 are always there, 
waiting for us to make them happen.

Muddy us

This was a weekend celebrating the beauty of Colorado, 
with our capable bodies
and treasured friends.

It was a series of beautiful moments,
pressed together into a couple of memorable days,
moments of depth,
times of real connection, 
of support and teamwork,
with strong hearts and willing spirits.

I am quite sure we all collectively agree that our team won't forget this weekend of life lived in action. 

Most of these photos are courtesy of Jonathan Hobbs Photography.  Thank you Jonathan!
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Blondie's Journal said...

Congratulations, Lisa!!!! This is so awesome! I don't even really know you and I'm proud of you. And your teammates as well, it's so evident all of you pushed yourselves above and beyond expectation. Hurray!


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