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All the summers are wet and wild: Our fun with the water 2013

I grew up on Lake Powell, so yes!  All of my summers have been wet mixed with wild.  I miss my home but we've managed to find lakes, ponds, splashes of water where we live now.

My parents have a lake in their subdivision right by their house!  It's kinda a sweet deal for us...

My super cool husband bought us new personal watercrafts this summer, so many of our weekends were spent on the lake.

Let's pack up and get gone!

The boys were giddy with giggles when we took our new toys out for the first launch!

via instagram @mooreminutes

Hello beautiful machine,
I really love you.


All three of the boys learned how to kneeboard this summer.
check, check, check!

via instagram @mooreminutes

And I learned how to wakeboard!  
I get super excited learning new things for the first time. 

Dakotah, my middle boy,
got a wakeboard for his birthday 
and learned to wakeboard this summer too!

I was one excited mama.

Chris is holding down our shade from a wind gust.

I'm on my brother's stand up jet ski...very fun toy!

Sometimes we brought friends out for our weekend lake days.
My mom made homemade ice cream and we dished them into cups and lined them in a basket.
My sweet friend has the basket, ready to serve.

My youngest Titus looks adorable in "fast mode" on the waver runner!

My brother cutting fast across the lake.

In other water FuNneSS, 
we spent a handful of weekdays in the pool, at my parent's house.
My mom would make the boys icy fresh sno cones every time! 
She's a pretty special Grandma.

(I shared last summer about how to make juicy sno cones, if you're interested)

My parent's had us over on Dakotah's birthday too.  My mom made his day very special by creating a gold coin toss game at the bottom of the pool.  The boys were so excited dipping into the water over and over, searching for treasures.

We continued with water fun, celebrating mid summer July with a White Water Rafting themed birthday party, which I blogged about last week.

That's us, neck deep in river rapids!

And back to calmer water...
Our friends hosted a big pool party at their house...because you can't have enough pool time.

And FINALLY,  the last water fun activity to share is a kids beach day I hosted out at a local state park lake.


I set a table under the shady trees with homemade banana muffins, veggies, and a bucket of apples for hungry and busy little tummies to snack on in between bobbing in the water!

Before the guests arrived, the boys and I filled the beach with classic beachballs for everyone to take home.

via instagram @mooreminutes

We also scattered sand castle basket kits around the sand to surprise the kids with!  I put some juice box drinks and snacks in each bag too.

Fun under the sun

Tree monkeys on the beach!

Butter goes with baked potatoes just like
water goes with summer days!

Splashing water into the hot sun-filled hours of summer is a way to 
scream happy,
run carefree,
not take anything too seriously,
and to love our earth's greatest natural gift.

Summer gives big, bright, COLOR to our days!

Our "fun with water" was a little different last year and included shaving cream fights! To see those adventures, click here!

Check back soon for PART 2 of our Summertime 2013 Wrap Up!

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