Friday, September 6, 2013

A Sunkissed Summer: lessons by the sun's light

The force of the sun shot rays of hazed light to our lives throughout this summer season 2013.  
We delighted in our experiences and dwelled on our blessings.  

Although this summer was personally more difficult for me than past summers 
as I fought ongoing personal struggles and health battles, 
I was able to collect some wisps of bright sun, 
capturing those bright rays on camera, 
and saving them to my heart. 


Sunkissed on the beach, 
feeling grateful for second chances to renew who we are, 
inside and out.

Sunkissed on mountain vacations, 
seeing all of our little loves experience life together...

Sunkissed while going on a family run, 
all 5 of us, in the pouring rain, 
soaked from head to toe, 
running on lavender roads
soaked from the stormy sunset. 

Sunkissed while going for it 
and trying new things!

Sunkissed with my main squeeze,
knowing I am loved more than I could imagine,
and knowing we have us.

 Sunkissed  enjoying classic moments together 
under the western skies.

Sunkissed while rising early,
 celebrating our bodies with exercise...

Sunkissed in moments of peace, 
hearing only the soft splashes of waves, 
silently watching the light sink from the day.

 Sunkissed while beating our hearts to adventure and excitement!

It was a sunkissed summer. 
A lovely sunkissed summer.

My lesson for this summer season is that joy is always there, 
the sun shines its powerful light into each of our personal lives,
darkening the sight of the bad, and putting a fierce glow on the good.

Even if it wasn't the *best* year, the best day, or the best summer,
when you collect your blessings,
you'll be wowed at how beautiful a second best really is.

And then...

This summer made me re-examine my spirit and realize that
even if it's not the best, it shouldn't be discarded.
Second best things are beautiful in their own way, 
and we are blessed far more than any of us deserve.

I see this now. 

Most photos in this post are via my instagram @mooreminutes

I already post my annual end of summer posts Part 1 and Part 2

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Jenny said...

Oh, sweet girl.

I feel the pain in this post of yours.

You are amazing.

Wonderful and creative and beautiful and talented.

I hope you can learn that about yourself.

I'm sorry about the health issues.

Can I help?

caveman said...

I love every moment with you, sun kissed or not. Thank you for being you,