Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal of the Moment: Festive Veggies

It's another Meal of the Moment post, where I try to creatively use up leftovers so we don't waste food. Unfortunately, I was hoping to have this posted shortly after Easter for ideas on using up your festive veggies but attention to my blog has been lacking. However, this will still work anytime you need to use up fresh carrots or asparagus!

The Easter Bunny left lots of carrots
at our Home Sweet Home this year...

After indulging in too many chocolate eggs, I found these healthy and fresh recipes in my Southern Living magazine a refreshing and energetic option!

Baby Carrot Soup (with a spicy zip!)
Good for you so don't you double love it?

This soup
is made with lots of pureed fresh baby carrots with chilies in adobe sauce too.

Nutrition Stats:
per cup- 105 calories, 4.9 grams of fat, 2.5 grams protein, 13.4 grams carbs

Making your soup pretty adds simple delight to your moments. Thin down the sour cream with water and drizzle and swirl. Lots of veggies make BEAUTIFUL garnishes so be creative!

Next up...

Fresh Asparagus Pesto Dip
There are a few ways to think out -of-the-box with asparagus. This recipe used pureed cooked asparagus in a flavorful and healthy dip.

You will also appreciate this healthy option! I changed the recipe a bit by adding walnut oil and green onions for flavor. Fresh asparagus is blended with grated Parmesan cheese (your only indulgence), fresh squeezed lemon juice, and garlic for a Smart Choice on a fun snack!

This dip is best paired with crispbread to maintain the healthy choice. Wasa crispbread has been a staple in our home for a few years as it provides excellent nutrition in place of crackers or bread.

And now, no more excuses for wasted food.

For more Meal of the Moment ideas, click here.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apartment Therapy Feature: Hip and Modish Interior Design

My cousin, Sarah, lives the sharp metropolitan lifestyle, complete with a cool, modish pad. She recently updated her city loft and the end result was outstanding! Sarah brought her vision and dreams to Tim McCormac of Temac Development. Tim designs luxury lifestyles, providing precision and detailed style to every project. His company commits to unparalleled excellence in everything they design.

Sarah (and her adorable dog Tigi)
are entirely grateful for the masterful work of her contractor,
Tim McCormac,
for helping her realize her interior design dreams.

Shortly after her loft's new look unveiled, it grabbed instant media attention. It was featured in the Arizona Central newspaper and it is now featured in the beloved Apartment Therapy. I would SO appreciate if you took a moment to go over to Apartment Therapy and vote on her home sweet home!

The finished home breathes
fresh, clean beauty
in every detail!

My most loved space of her home is the sleek dining area. It gives the feeling of being in a contemporary, hip lounge where new thinkers go to let their minds escape. The dramatic, tall, white seating adds a posh softness to the industrial, well- stated table. The industrial effects of the home were a personal touch Sarah wanted as a tribute to the hot rod, drag racing, lifestyle she grew up with. These metal accents were skillfully formed by Deluxe Customs.

The elements of the hip lounge style are carried into the living area. You can imagine how this space allows for progressive inspiration and original, creative thoughts to flow in cool surroundings.

This is sweet Tigi's spot. That little dog has a better life than me!

Sarah's artwork was carefully selected from both a local Arizona artist and an artist out of California. The local artist, with native roots from Mexico, Damian Robinson, added a brilliant canvas to artfully appoint her home.

In her kitchen, less is more. The minimalist statement downplayed decorative embellishments and focused on clean architectural lines. The influence of lighting can never be overestimated. Tim McCormac skillfully incorporated lighting throughout Sarah's home, enriching the experience this loft conveys.

Simple and calming, the bathroom and shower give solace to the mad rush after a busy day.

Sarah's sophisticated bedroom compliments the rest of her home with a unique style. The gentle greys add mellow relaxation to her room.

The wood floors throughout are fascinating because they are reclaimed wood from 1800s railroad trestles. They accent the cool, smart loft with organic warmth.

Sarah places fresh flowers in her home every week, which makes me go crazy! I just {double love} that idea!! Fresh flowers add such a natural feminine grace to homes, and always make me giddy *wink*.

I am so proud of my cousin and the lifestyle she created! Her home is fresh and on the edge. She is being featured in the always amazing, Apartment Therapy's annual contest and needs YOUR vote! But hurry, voting ends TODAY. Please head on over to see more photos and inpiration and give Sarah the thumbs up.

Thanks lovies!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Main Squeeze is 28

Chris and I together on his first birthday
of us being Marrieds!

(Sadly, this scanned photo was scratched near my mouth
so I promise I don't have anything on my face *wink*)

From the moment I met Chris he instantly added vibrant color and excitement to my life and it hasn't stopped. He is a man of purpose, passion, and depth and I could not ask for more.

Today I celebrate him.
There is an old,dusty, classic, how-to book for men titled, "A Man of Steel and Velvet". That title always reminds me of Chris because it describes him perfectly. He is the toughest and strongest guy I know {oh guys have a chance against my man!} but he also possesses the depth and gentle wisdom beneath it all.

He is steel.
My ALL-time favorite picture of Chris!

And he is velvet.

My baby is an intense thinker, analytical, quick and sharp...
but mellow with a loud laugh.

The newly married days

He is deeply conservative,
however he has a controversial angle on every issue.

He is a natural charmer and the perfect listener.

He is "down with anything"
and very adaptable.

He is ambitious,
always ready to push himself to a new level of success.
He has provided for our family of 5 in incredible ways,
giving us such a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Something I really APPRECIATE about Chris is his GOAL-SETTING habits! Ever since we have been married he has kept a detailed list of written goals to improve on in life. Somehow he manages to be extra responsible AND still have fun in life all at the same time!

One of my favorite qualities about Chris is what a heart-warming Daddy he is. I smile inside every time I dwell on the special ways he interacts with our three boys.

He is a natural teacher,
patient and calm.

I am constantly amazed every time I witness
the way he teaches and trains our boys.
He is always teaching them life skills
and little boy manners.
Training them to always shovel the driveway when the snow first hits
so "Mama has a clear driveway".

When he's not teaching them,
he is playing with them on the floor with hot wheels and legos...

or wrestling until someone cries {grrrr}

Ocean's Four instead of Ocean's Eleven

He is a crazy kid too...

On Snow Days...

And Hot Days...

And Pretty Much All Days...

But part of that is because he married into a family
who has always been motivated
by engines and action....

My brother, Chris, Me, and our 3 boys

But primarily it's just because
he is a Crazy Spiderman.

helping me decorate up HIGH!

We don't own a ladder of any kind and don't ask me how he gets way up on the roof!

He is the traditional masculine man, not afraid to get dirty, very protective of his family, and aware of his responsibilities of a man. But he has a heart of depth that loves the boys and me so completely.

He's my Steel and Velvet.
My baby has guns

I am SO proud of him! Chris excites me, giving me passion every day. He makes my heart smile always.

What a lucky girl am I to have him as the head of our
home sweet home!

Happy 28th Birthday Lover.
You know I'm on your team,

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mud, Catastrophes, and Company

If only little boys
could stay
like this...

(Our youngest boys, Dakotah and Titus
when they were CUTE and CUDDLY!)

as they grow up
they become like this....


We had good intentions as we started out on this little hike.
Spring had barely peeked her head and the sun was shining.
We thought the sand would be...well, ...SAND.

Nope! It was mud. And this is how we welcomed our Arizona company to the Colorado Mud Season! My cousin, Jessica, and her family came to stay with us over Spring Break. We provided very interesting entertainment for them as you will see...

The mud was over an inch think on these shoes.

Annnd, that's NOT all.
We tried another "excursion" too. Getting stuck in the snow before leaving the house should have been our first warning. However, warnings are rarely heeded.

I'm blaming this adventure on crazy male testosterone.

Once again, the mud didn't escape us. In the end, both UTVs had to get pulled out by a crane, or bulldozer, or was it both? The story gets worse, I'm simply sharing the summary.

Overall, it was a BIG deal.

Our guests treated us to some INDOOR fun later on. If only I could have been this sensible to suggest an idea like this from the BEGINNING! *wink*

Sharing apples with horses near our home sweet home was basically a mud-free activity too. We all celebrated Titus' birthday during the week as well. You can see photos of that here.

Of course, all the Quality Time was spent around the dinner table...right?
...4 computers and 4 people make it perfect.

Because this is how we roll.
Chris, Josh, Jessica and my spot

In spite of our mini adventures, our Spring Break with FAMILY proved to be heart-warming and memorable. Chris and I truly enjoyed the moments spent with these amazing people who understand our perspective in life and who encourage us with their motivation and ambition. Their kids are SUPER precious and we were blessed to share these brief minutes with them. Tavius is a sharp kid, ready for the world. The boys had tons of fun with him! And little Jasmin has my heart! I have NEVER met a little toddler with so much sense of humor in my entire life! She made us laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Even the kids joined in to a toast
on our last night together!

Next Spring Break?

On a Sunny Beach in Florida of course!

Titus, Skyler, Jasmin, Tavius, Kotah
spring 2010

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