Monday, April 12, 2010

Mud, Catastrophes, and Company

If only little boys
could stay
like this...

(Our youngest boys, Dakotah and Titus
when they were CUTE and CUDDLY!)

as they grow up
they become like this....


We had good intentions as we started out on this little hike.
Spring had barely peeked her head and the sun was shining.
We thought the sand would be...well, ...SAND.

Nope! It was mud. And this is how we welcomed our Arizona company to the Colorado Mud Season! My cousin, Jessica, and her family came to stay with us over Spring Break. We provided very interesting entertainment for them as you will see...

The mud was over an inch think on these shoes.

Annnd, that's NOT all.
We tried another "excursion" too. Getting stuck in the snow before leaving the house should have been our first warning. However, warnings are rarely heeded.

I'm blaming this adventure on crazy male testosterone.

Once again, the mud didn't escape us. In the end, both UTVs had to get pulled out by a crane, or bulldozer, or was it both? The story gets worse, I'm simply sharing the summary.

Overall, it was a BIG deal.

Our guests treated us to some INDOOR fun later on. If only I could have been this sensible to suggest an idea like this from the BEGINNING! *wink*

Sharing apples with horses near our home sweet home was basically a mud-free activity too. We all celebrated Titus' birthday during the week as well. You can see photos of that here.

Of course, all the Quality Time was spent around the dinner table...right?
...4 computers and 4 people make it perfect.

Because this is how we roll.
Chris, Josh, Jessica and my spot

In spite of our mini adventures, our Spring Break with FAMILY proved to be heart-warming and memorable. Chris and I truly enjoyed the moments spent with these amazing people who understand our perspective in life and who encourage us with their motivation and ambition. Their kids are SUPER precious and we were blessed to share these brief minutes with them. Tavius is a sharp kid, ready for the world. The boys had tons of fun with him! And little Jasmin has my heart! I have NEVER met a little toddler with so much sense of humor in my entire life! She made us laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Even the kids joined in to a toast
on our last night together!

Next Spring Break?

On a Sunny Beach in Florida of course!

Titus, Skyler, Jasmin, Tavius, Kotah
spring 2010

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Jane said...

What a week filled with memorable adventures! (Hey...remember when our trucks got stuck in the snow/creeks/mud and the crane had to pull us out? Let's try it again!)

It's so wonderful that the cousins are close in age and have so much fun together! That goes for you and your sister, too.


ps As my boys reminded me...when they came in from the mud fights, "Boys are "sposed" to be dirty!"

Leanne said...

I'm sure the boys didn't mind getting muddy one bit. But the vehicles getting stuck is another story. Looks like you had great fun. And the party looked fun and colorful too. Have a great day!

caveman said...

Having Josh and Jess come visit was more fun than I could have imagined. It's always interesting to spend time with different family's. The Leimbacks were much more than interesting; They were inspirational. The love they share for life and one another is contagious in the best way possible. Can't wait until we do it again!

laterg8r said...

great pics, can't believe you still have snow :D

love all the computers around the table :D

Michelle said...

Despite the mud and snow it looks like you guys had a great week, what fun!

Ranelle said...

What great memories for you and your family. Some of the BEST times our family has had is when we spent a couple of days living with another family. It's a time of encouragement that mothers and fathers need. It's a time of much laughter, which is really needed. It's just all around great. Glad to see you had a wonderful Easter. said...

Fun memories and great photos!


Jessica Loukota Leimback said... times!!! We had a great time and could have asked for better weather but the company more than made up for that :)

Thank you for the great memories, good food and kind words!

We enjoyed every minute of your wonderful family!!


Patty said...

Boys don't find mud, mud finds them ;)

Becca said...

Looks like a little boy's heaven.

Lynn said...

Oh it looks like you all had such a blast together! Love the pictures of the mud. And getting stuck in the snow. Best of all, though, is all the computers around the kitchen table ;) Priceless!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Awwww, the kids cheering. SO cute!