Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hey, Who's That? Getting to KNOW our kids with "special days out" PART ONE

This is part ONE of a three part blog series on creating special individual days for our kids.
Check here for part 2 and here for part 3.

I know a lot of parents with two, three, or twelve kids set aside certain days to spend one-on-one time with each child.  Our family does that every few moons too!  It's so good to spend individual time with our littles so we can truly hear them and know them.  We call these times "special days".  Usually we have our special days in the summertime when our schedules are lazier. 

  These days don't need to be Disney World scale, just simple activities draw us close.  Last year for Cameron's special day we went to lunch, then went to Wal Mart to make a custom ID chain at the pet ID tag kiosk.  This ID Tag kiosk is such an inexpensive, unique, and quick way to deliver some fun!

 This summer, I started our special day period with Cameron.  I try to plan a day for each son that fit their interests, love languages, and personalities.  For Cameron, we had a take out picnic together and we took a trip to the library.  

Cameron enjoys meaningful, focused conversation.  So I decided it would be good for us to grab some lunch and head to a quiet spot in the park to picnic and chat.

Comfort food to go!

The way Cameron's mind works is extremely intriguing to me!  I am always left in awe of his ideas, philosophy, and viewpoint.  Getting to really know my kids is one of my biggest delights in this little life we have.

Mama and her teenager

After our bellies (and heads!) were full, we headed to the library.   Cameron is a giant bookworm.  For real.  He will read at any opportunity.  Books are his passion.  (Check out this fun vintage bookstore birthday party I threw for him a few years back to celebrate his love of books)

Ready to scavenger our way through the library to find some treasures!

Cameron made a list of books he wanted to check out.  We use the book Honey for a Child's Heart to find good books.  It is an excellent book list resource and I highly recommend it! 

Cameron's List

I dusted off my dewey decimal system knowledge and took advantage of our time there to teach Cameron some library searching skills and how to's.  

His treasure finds!

Nothing makes Cameron happier than a stack of good books.

This photo is especially endearing because it is a shot capturing exactly what Cameron does!  He will skip the chair to read.  He does this often, wiggling his way into a position to read, anywhere at anytime. I wish I had pictures of every uncomfortable he has been in just to be able to open the cover of a book!  Love him!


A day at the library with my oldest delivered a quiet, cool calm in the middle of the loud free days of summer.  I appreciate the one-on-one time I get to spend with my boys.  I wish I could have moore of those minutes! ;)  They are treasures for my soul.  I relish these moments as I get to peek into their hearts, seeing their aspirations, hearing their thoughts, and connecting on levels that we can't do in between homework and soccer practice.  Our children are already people, even if they're kids, with their own ideas and perspectives, and I am eager to learn who each of them are!  

This is the first part of this three part series.
See here for PART TWO, Dakotah's meal planning and preparing day.
See here for PART THREE, Titus' special Curious George pancake making day.

I also shared some of the kids' cooking in the Flowers and Food of our Summer blog post. 


Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Lisa, your mom (with her love of books and knowledge) probably LOVES sharing her passion with Cameron! How special! - Dori -

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Lisa, your mom (with her love of books and knowledge) probably LOVES sharing her passion with Cameron! How special! - Dori -

Jane said...

Fostering a love of reading is one of the best things we can do for our children. Spending one on one time with each of them is another. Your sons are blessed that you and Chris celebrate their individuality...and show your love for them in so many ways.

xo J