Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doing Things PART TWO: Running to the summit of Vail Mountain, COLORADO!

Still playing blog post catch up...let's go!

This is part 2 of a three part blog series.  
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I just talked (15 seconds ago!) about my girl's trip to Denver.  On the drive home from my vacation, I had a mini adventure that turned out to be one of those life highlights that I will remember for always!

The interstate drive home from Denver is one of my very favorite freeway drives.  The views are beautiful, right in the heart of Colorado, and the drive is dotted with handfuls of perfect mountain towns.  

 I knew I wanted to pull over on the side of the road and do a little run on the bike trail that runs alongside the road.    It was just me in the car, so it was the perfect opportunity!  I was so excited!  I jumped out of the car and tied my shoes.  I planned on a mile up and a mile back.  And off I went.    Just as I was about to turn back, a couple on bicycles passed me and said, "Hey! Are you going up to the summit?"  I murmured back in question, "Err, the summit??".  They responded cheerfully, "Yeah!  It's just a few miles up the trail."  I answered, "Uhh no...ummm YES! The summit. Yes, I am going to the summit."  And just like that, on an empty stomach, my plans for a short run changed to plans for a long run.  The run to the summit and back was 12 miles, 12 of the best miles of my life!

A renewed burst of energy hit my feet and my shoes bounced off the trail the second they hit.  Running brings me unexplainable joy.  I've shared my running journey before earlier this year.  And I have shared the story of my first big running race too!  Running sits in the happy place of my heart and always will.  Pushing along, up hill, to the summit of Vail Mountain filled my entire being with pure joy and extended peace.  I could not stop taking it all in.  These minutes were the type that can't be easily repeated.  They're the lifetime minutes, the ones that hold steady in my memory for the rest of my days.  I was experiencing something on my bucket list that wasn't even on my list until this very moment!  I was just me and the mountains.  My only company was emotion-- every sort of good emotion swelling up within.  

 Beauty was in every step, with every blink.

Around every corner, new awe inspiring views emerged.

I made it! 

Headed back down!

Done, bam!  The second I reached my car, I dove in for a leftover cookie sitting on the seat.  I was starving and had been lusting after this cookie half for 4 miles!

Celebrating my body's capabilities 
and using what I've been blessed with 
lightens my life in new ways each day. 
I am so thankful for the gift of running.  
It shines bright in my life, 
setting me free over and over again. 

Vail Summit Run 2014!

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b. said...

I love how much you love running.. I wish I could find that motivation again so we could run together... Maybe one day. These pictures are pretty.. I know how much you loved this little (big) surprise run but you scared me! You were gone forever!!!!