Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Candy Apple Picnic and Fall Leaf Showoff in Aspen, Colorado

Life is full of cycles of favorites.  Fall brings apples, which somehow brings desserts, and desserts always bring favorites.  Gosh, I'm all set.  I bake lots of apple goodness during the glorious, golden days of autumn (you know like here and here).  But today was spontaneous and unplanned SO I bought a box of candied apples as we headed off onto our annual fallish venture.  It was a  quick overnight trip to Aspen, Colorado.  Brandi and her boyfriend have a beautiful home up there that we cozied in at for the night before taking off for fall fun the next day.

The boys waking up with Aston puppy in Aspen

Early morning walk through the gold with our gracious host, Larry.

This is how incredible Aspen is.

 This mountainside is nature's giant billboard,
showing off God's best.

We just HAD to get up in this...
to run right underneath all of this gold...
to soak in every single bit of beauty!

Each year for our fall leaf touring tradition, we choose a different spot to explore.  
We've viewed the Grand Mesa, Telluride, and even our own backyard
Maroon Bells, in Aspen, Colorado, is the most photographed peaks in North America.  
This was the perfect spot for this year's leaf tour.

Here is beauty.  All unwrapped.

I wish so much that Chris could have joined us for this short venture
 but he was on a business trip, 
so it was just me and my boys!

We have the cutest (can I still call them that?) boys in this whole wide world.

 Our Colorado boys!

We stopped in downtown Aspen to buy our candy apple treats!  
Our tradition usually includes some sort of outdoor picnic in the colored forest.
If you're a longtime reader, you've seen that here before.  ;)

Then we set off on some trails to find the perfect spot to indulge in our apples.

We crunched over lots of leaves 
and gathered a lot of stick swords along the way
 until we found our picnic spot.


Oh yum.  
Pick one!

Literally digging in

This picture makes me smile big because I told Titus to take a bite for a picture
 and he does a gentle lick...
just as he does everything else in life, 
full of quiet peace.


And just like that, 
it was over and we were off,
ready to face the next adventure
or chore,
or deadline,
or whatever the days ahead have in store for us.

I am always left in awe of fall 
as the earth shows us one last exclamation mark
 before she sleeps for the winter.  
Thank you world for giving us beauty year after year after year.

 This little pine tree with yellow autumn leaves

embrace my two favorite times:
fall and Christmas,
two in one.
And it makes me smile to see my two loves combined.
I'm pretty sure this was a present 
So thanks God!

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” 
-Jim Bishop

 It's a tradition!
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b. said...

All these pictures of Aspen make my heart smile. I think Aspen has a piece of my heart forever. I also loved seeing my lil puppy Aston!

The boys look like they're having fun with their smiling faces as usual!

mackyton said...

Wow!! What a stunning view. I can see from pictures that boys had fun there. I really wish if I can arrange a party there. I will talk to my event coordinator for that if he can arrange a venue at such great place. Thanks for sharing awesome pictures.