Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Charmed October 31st and a Halloween Candy Poker Night

 photo credit Josh Hudnall

The late October celebrations kicked off with our annual Pumpkin Carving Party (see past years here and here!).  Actually, instead of the normal *great big* party as usual, just a few of us gathered around, at Josh and Allison's, carving our art into the orange pumpkin.

Meet my pinstriped pumpkin face ;)

I homemakered away earlier that day, preparing chili and cornbread to add to Allison's delicious food.

Abigail also made some knock out cider.  We had a full line up of all the classic fall food.  Dig in!

Late at night, the kids had a leaf pile party outside.

Oh, fall.

It was a warm and festive night with kids and friends. 

As Halloween approached, I made candy corn goodies.  Sometimes we watch the history of candy corn on youtube.  Sometimes I've made candy corn cupcakes or candy corn layered drinks.  But we ALWAYS eat candy corn.  

Use your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and change the chocolate chips for white chocolate chips.  Add candy corn to dough.  Be sure that the candy corn is covered fully in dough so it doesn't melt on the cookie sheet.  Chill dough a few hours before baking.  Enjoy! 

Bring on the candy season!

Halloween Friday started off super festive for our younger two.  Their school went on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch.

My friend Kristen and I dressed up as 80's workout girls and hit the gym!  
Let's do this!

We did a modern, sweat inducing, music blaring workout, with vintage-ish gear! 

80's girl

As dusk approached,
 the boys dressed up, 
using various loved items in their closets.  
This is time to imagine.  
Scarves become fighting belts, 
sticks become swords.

Robin Hood and a thief.

Oh...and of course we squeezed a night in to watch 
The Great Pumpkin, another tradition.

We worked our way into the black night collecting candy, door to door.  The next day it was all sugar crazy.  Wait a second, Titus is always cuddling silly this way.  He is our bigtime love bear. 

Each year I try to think of fun ways to use up our candy stash. 
 See the bottom of this blog post for a list of great ideas!

This year I was so excited about a new idea!  
Leftover Halloween Candy POKER

We invited Josh and Allison and littles over for family candy poker.  
It's truthfully not the most effective way to get rid of candy, 
but it sure is a lot of fun and I really hope to do it next year also!

I made tarragon mushroom toasts for appetizers 
and quick apple dumplings for dessert. 
Double yum.

And that's a full wrap on this year's holiday!

May all your October 31st's be charmed:

full of enchantment and imagination...

and sugar.

Halloween Candy leftover ideas:

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b. said...

I love traditions and I don't think anyone has more than you!!! I like these fun ones... The pumpkin carving party and the candy poker night. You always seem to have so much fun at these parties.