Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Creative uses for Halloween leftovers: Candy Bar Hot Chocolate Fall Picnic

We've only celebrated Halloween for a couple of years.  I prefer to celebrate light and I adore happy, pretty, things.  That will never change, but...I guess you can't keep me away from holidays.  ;)  I appreciate the magical enchantment of October with all of the imagination and creativity.  For a day, real life is transformed into a wonderland of imagination and pretend.  

Plus, free candy! 

Last year, our boys dressed up as Alvin & the Chipmunks.  It was perfect because nothing fits the three of them better than those characters! 

This year, I didn't buy or make costumes.  We didn't plan ahead at all.  I actually planned to spontaneously send them upstairs to their rooms to create their own costumes.  Our boys dress up ALL.THE.TIME so I knew this would be an easy and fun challenge for them.  I wanted them to practice their creativity this holiday.  

Living with a super hero ninja, a pirate, and a modern day viking is so much fun! 

October 31, 2013

Ohh, did I mention the free candy?

Gosh I love free stuff...

and candy too. 

But we have SO MUCH of it.  

I wanted to share a memorable way to use up 
some of your Halloween candy: 

A CandyBar Hot Chocolate Fall Picnic

I waited for a grey day, chilly and fallish.  I wanted a day that would require the warmth of piping hot drinks to heat us up! 

I packed up a hot chocolate basket and a bag of popcorn and we bundled up for a walk on the country roads behind our house. 

We walked past postcard perfect country homes in search of our perfect spot...

Excited and cold little boys!

The muted grey sky was a cozy backdrop to the burnt yellow colors of the last lingering leaves of autumn. 

We found an abandoned table with low branches hovering and sparse leaves still hanging, for our sweet candy cocoa picnic.

I used the basket that I recently made with a friend to hold our candy bars, cups, and napkins. 

To make the candybar hot chocolate:

- Warm milk and pour into a thermos
- Collect mini chocolate candybars that you think would taste good as a hot chocolate flavor
- Add cinnamon if you wish
- Stir and drink!

 I used sample size small cups so we could taste a variety of sweet candy bar hot cocoa creations.

We each had fun picking which different candy pieces we would mix into our hot chocolate creations.

We stirred and stirred...

Popped corn to munch on while we stir!

More stirring!

The boys took their jobs very seriously and couldn't wait to find out how their creations taste!

Happy and hot sweet samples.

So much fun, we had to use every last drop of milk.


We decided...

that M&M with candycorn was gross (who knew?)

Milky Way was the best with the metled caramel, mallow, and chocolate!

3 Musketeers with a couple squares of Hershey was yummy and marshmallow-y too.

Heath Bar with a couple squares of Hershey was delicious toffee tasting.

Peanut Butter Cup wasn't too great.

It was a bundled up day of fall fun, 
taking in every last day of 
golden colors.

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love how you create such wonderful memories with your boys. I wish I could have gone on this jaunt with you. What fun!



caveman said...

This idea looks like SO much fun. I love the determined yet content look on the boys faces.

Unknown said...

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