Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fallish Doings 2014: our life in season

Oh fall.  You get me every time.  You're such a little showoff, but I like that because I love seeing magnificently glorious things!  So please don't stop.  Ever.

Go kart ride with my boys

Titus wrote a little poem about fall at school this year:

Fall Fall Fall
Leaves fall to the ground in the fall.
It makes mounds on the ground
in the fall!
You bound at the leaves 
in the fall.
What a glorious season 
is the fall!
-Titus C. Moore

Titus is also our leaf collector.  He gathers and presses leaves each year.  These leaves are from this year's collection.

Brothers.  Biggest brother is oh so patient with silly littlest brother.

Army men and Dirt
 before the ground is cold.

Our home sweet home transforms from a rowdy sunshine summer house
 to a place of still inner warmth when autumn arrives. 

flowers from our arranging party!

Oh Pinterest!  Without you, how would I ever had made our house smell so good?
Orange, apples, cloves, vanilla , cinnamon, potpourri on our stovetop

Titus practicing violin: one of my favorite sights and sounds.

Titus at orchestra practice.  The sounds these littles make are extraordinary! 

Titus was part of a children's orchestra this year and we were SO excited to watch him play at his first performance!  

A highlight of our fall season this year was testing out our new local riding trail.  This trail connects all the little towns in our area, and runs alongside the river the entire way.  It is beautiful in the autumn!  Riding this new trail was on our wishlist! The boys and I spent a day on it,  and rode 32 miles!  We stopped for lunch at a local brewery before riding home.  It was such a satisfying activity to accomplish and YES!  Once again, I was so proud of my tough boys.

on the bike trail near our home sweet home

Human petroglyphs
I teach PE class at our kids' school.  
Working out in the dirt with my high school class.  
I think I kinda like these guys! ;)

Out and about in our beautiful valley

We are twins.

We also did some hiking here and there. 
 Hiking in the fall is the best time!  

Oh my goodness, all these boys bless my heart!

We also spent a lot of time with our gym family, (just like this summer!) doing a lot of team workouts, hikes, events, races, and classes!

I love this gym and I love these people!

These two have our hearts.

Our fitness team went on a super fun sandhill adventure!  We played for hours in the sand.

Leapfrog down the hill!

Glow in the dark 5k with some of my favorite gym teammates. 

Kristen and I also raced the Zion half together 
earlier this year!

glow us!

Most of our fun excursions happened right at home.  
Our block is entirely peaceful and beautiful.  It has our hearts.  
We spend a lot of time on these back roads near our house.

5 mile run with my favorite teenager on this night!

I try to walk around our block every morning possible.

The boys took me around the block on their Explorer Go-Kart too!

Then the two of them hopped back in and they were off and away on another adventure!

Sometimes we roll around the block...


This was a fun evening rollerblading with my sweet friends.

Most photo snaps from @mooreminutes Instagram

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