Thursday, March 21, 2013

how to make the NEW birthday card via surprise social networking! Plus our Denver getaway hotspots

My bf-ever just celebrated her once a year occasion! And I wanted to send an updated style birthday card via social networking. 

We all live in a NEW WORLD now with all this super cool techy stuff and social networking outlets surrounding us on every side.  Because of that, I wanted to share a FUN and NEW way to GIVE LOVE via social networking.  

The new birthday card:
Send a secret surprise photo banner message on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or all of them!

Of course a sealed-with-a-kiss white envelope, stamped and mailed is always the sweetest token of love BUT finding new ways that work in our modern world are even more exciting.  For all of you online, social addicts, this works! 

Imagine, you're cozied up in the corner of your couch, hot tea in one hand, scrolling down and down and down your online pages with the other hand and then you do a double-take on the on screen image because it's YOUR very own name, on your birthday, an instant celebration of YOU over the world wide web.  

There is something about it
 that makes us feel special when we see our own

the HOW-TO:

1) Create a LARGE sign (this is easier to read than my sign!) ;) Solid black works well.  White works well too if it's photographed correctly.  Use a chalkboard, white board, or poster board.  Markers, chalk, paint markers, and chalk ink are all good choices.  

2) Write your special message and be creative!  These celebration social messages could be for more than birthdays!

3) Prop it up.  Dress up fun and cute and remember the details of the area you will be taking snapshots of.  If you're holding the sign, wear cute nail polish and fun bracelets.  If you're leaning the sign by your feet, wear cute shoes, if you're setting the sign up somewhere, add candles next to it, a classic party hat, confetti, or a party blower.  Make it festive!  

4) Have someone else take the pictures for you.  Take a lot.  Crop and use your favs!

5) Upload your image onto Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook and wait for them to discover your secret surprise! 

Again, these celebration social messages could be used for more than just birthdays!  Try this same new concept to announce:

-a move
- a new baby
- a big congrats
- or to send a "just because I love you" message to someone.  

We're knee deep in the middle of social network madness age.  
Let's work it. 

Brandi and I at the PunchBowl Club in Denver, CO

The weekend before Brandi's birthday, we spent the weekend in Denver being together and doing some celebrating.  I've shared about my best girl Brandi before HERE.  She was also with us over Christmas in this post HERE.  

We may share the same last name, but we aren't related.  She is my sister who is not a sister. {wink}

Brandi bought us matching friendship bracelets for a Christmas gift too! 

For a city-ish birthday dinner we took her to one of my favorite Denver spots: D Bar Desserts!  This restaurant serves only desserts and appetizers. How many times do theses choices look so yummy on the menu BUT then you're too full to want any.  D Bar's concept is ideal because it skips the main course and gets right down to the good stuff.  If you're in Denver, try this hip dessert bar out!  I did a blog review about D Bar desserts a couple years ago if you want to read up on it more here: Where to eat when on vacation. 

I swung by an adorable flower shop before meeting Brandi and picked her up a super pretty cropped bouquet of beauties before our birthday dinner. 

Titus was an extra sweetheart and wanted to use his own money to buy her an extra rose he picked out too.  (love that boy!)

A quick table set up and we were ready to party. 

I found an adorable CHERRY CANDLE on etsy!  It made the cutest cherry-on-top on the mini milkshake for her birthday dessert.

Happy Birthday to, la, la.  Notice the guy in the background.  Makes me laugh!

Make a wish birthday girl.

This bar is for kids.


Aside from birthday celebrating, we had a fun-filled weekend EATING lots of crazy good food in Denver.

 a new favorite brunch spot of mine!

Brandi and Titus

We also toured Hammonds Candy while there!

When you look out into the world 
and see
colorful blurs of people rushing about
remember to hold close
YOUR own team of those who
hold your hearts.

And suddenly, 
it becomes 
a small world after all.

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caveman said...

No one knows how to make a Birthday as special as you do, Lissy.

Happy Birthday Brandi!

b. said...

You are tooooo much! No one is like you, not even close! Thank you for being soooo amazing and loving and fun! I'm soooo grateful you guys came over to Denver this weekend, it was so fun!! This personalized birthday card is adorable! Thank you so much for always making me feel special, not just on my birthday but every day!! You are one of a kind! You are someone I truly admire and love soooo much!!!

b. said...

PS sooo many cute pics! Super fun memories!!

Gail S. said...

What fun! We toured Hammonds last year. It was smaller than I imagined but a lot of fun. That b-day cake looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing:-)

Jenny said...

First of all, you are soooo gorgeous! I love that headband and the braids!

Gosh. Braids are just so awesome!


I love your idea here! I would have never thought of this!

Thirdly, fourthly and fifthly, etc.ingly...

What a gorgeous and fun family you have!

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