Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Titus turns 9 with a kick-back, easy, Turtle amusement party!

I party hard.  

Not like that.

I party hard, 
like a boss.

a Mama boss.

I {great big heart} parties, holidays, and events.  I'm the one who goes over the tip-top to create a forever experience stamped onto the hearts of my loved ones.  I like it that way, I just do.  I like too many balloons, too many treats, too many party favors, and too many decorations.

I love larger than life moments that create larger than life smiles.


This year we threw Titus a classically NORMAL kids' birthday party without all the extras.  I want my boys to enjoy the kick-back, classic GOOD STUFF, whether big or small.  We met for a family party at our local fun amusement park.  And we had So.Much.Fun!

I'm going to be scattering little tips throughout 
on how to keep parties EASY, 
when you're feeling more like a lazy mama
 than a super star mama. ;) 

Titus on his new longboard
from my brother!

This adorable boy turned 9 years old!
This is Titus in the robot costume Chris and I made him for his Christmas pageant this season.

For his party decor, we went all "party in a box" style.  I took Titus to the party store and let him wander the isles and pick out his own theme.  To my TOTAL delight, he chose TURTLES.  

I always try to add in a baby photo as we celebrate THEM!  
Adding personal family photos to a party give a warm, inviting, special touch to the decor. 

Turtles are perfect for Titus.  
It's a long story, but I've compared turtles to my youngest ever since he was 2 years old.  He has always been wrapped around my finger and I bought him this cuddly little turtle stuffed animal when the two of us were shopping together when he was 2 years old.  

We named the turtle "Patience".  The beautiful coincidence between Titus' love for turtles and the name of his little animal is that Titus possesses the beautiful virtue of patience. 

quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; not easy annoyed, diligence

Titus' steadfast, steady, patient personality has consistently brought a calm to my life.  I've always said that God sent me Titus at the perfect time.  In the darkest hours of my days, when I thought a new baby would be so terribly hard to manage, God sent Titus, and this baby was exactly what I needed.  I felt his patient heart when he was only a newborn.  I would hold him to my chest and a quiet peace would cover my spirit and wouldn't leave me.  In the my terrible days of chaos, God gave me Titus, and Titus was my peace and he still is.  

He is my constant one, 
the great calm in my life.  

I had to bring his old turtle stuffed animal to use in the party decor 
because it brings back so many memories and so perfectly celebrates Titus. 
(and yes! In the photo, Titus is wearing a turtle shirt lol)

Of course, Titus choosing Turtle party decor was perfect!   Now you know! {wink} Titus is also SLOW at getting his chores and homework done...slow like a turtle.  Titus even has turtle decor in his room that you can check out HERE

Turtle plates and napkins...party in a box, yes!

favor bags

I bought an ice cream cake from Cold Stone.  It was basically plain white and I embellished it.  I cut out one of the turtle clear cellophane favor bags and pressed it on top of the cake for the centerpiece.  I also added green chocolate balls around the edge.  

Super cute, super fast!

 I used a food coloring pen to write a message for Titus on the side of the cake.

Dessert and Candy tables are STILL extra popular, 
but adding fruit to accompany the cake is a very fast and easy alternative. 
 Fruit is always beautiful, just like candy is, so it works well!

Filling cupcake liners with fruit instead

Instead of making a big birthday banner, 
I decorated one of his gifts with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY message!

I'm always all about the stickers.  Easy, fun, cute.
That's 3 quick wins for stickers.

Before we all went out and played at the amusement park, Titus was ready for gifts!

So excited to see what is hidden in all those shiny packages!

He scored big on the LEGO stuff.


Grandma capturing some precious moments.

Following birthday party tradition we couldn't forget the candles and birthday song...

Titus was all smiles,
all day!

 For the rest of the big sunshine March Saturday, we did all of the amusing entertainment!  I didn't grab photos because I was too busy being competitive at air hockey, trying out the batting cages, and spending too many tokens trying to win prizes.  The boys stood in line over and over again for laser tag and go karts.  

I did manage to snag this picture of Mom at the punching game.  She knocked that thing hard!  Not too bad for a Grandma. ;)  We all tried this punching game several times, addictive little money sucker it was!

Go Mom!

Titus had a VERY happy Birthday 
from beginning to end.

 He woke up on his special day to colors of balloons
 greeting him as always on our staircase...


 ...and streamers on each stair step...

Just because we like to celebrate the ones we love like crazy!

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Click around and check it all out!
Happy Celebrating. 

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caveman said...

I can't even begin to tell you how amazed and grateful I am that God gave me YOU. I see the perfect sons you gave me, the perfect love you give them, and I smile ear to ear. Happy Birthday, Titus Christopher!

Unknown said...

Haha - I laughed at the "I party hard like a Momma Boss." So fun. This party looks great!! Yay that it turned out so awesome!! Happy Birthday to Titus!

Debbie From Illinois said...

I am jealous of all the sunshine!!!

The party looked great. I loved the fruit.

b. said...

Titus looks so happy! Glad he had a happy birthday! You're little turtle is almost in the double digits... So hardto believe!!

Jane said...

Sometimes, less is more. "THIS" less is definitely perfect! Titus is growing so fast...as are the other guys. Enjoy every moment with your boys...
Hugs...and happy belated birthday to Titus.


sabri said...

Hi Lisa...Can you please tell me where to find those long candles.Daughters 18th B-DAY Is coming up and her graduation and prom...I Am Planning ALL Three in the next few months and I LOVE THESE CANDLES..As so would she..Could you please come bye my blog and let me know ..thanks and love your party ideas...I think i have a few up my sleave as well ha...hope to see you stop bye about the candles..~Sabri~....

Unknown said...
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