Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a workout for little Olympians with a SURPRISE fitness coach! (PART 2)

 Olympic balloons!

This is PART TWO of a THREE part series.  Please see PART ONE for summary of full party details. 

I've been sharing all week about Dakotah's LITTLE ATHLETE OLYMPIC TRAINING party! This post focuses on the details of the main attraction of his birthday party: a SURPRISE visit from a fitness coach!  I thought it would be perrrfect to have a real life fitness superhero visit the party and work a training session with the aspiring little Olympians!

I was super excited that Derek Trombetta, of 970 Muscle made a surprise appearance at our Olympic party, dressed in ALL of the Olympic colors!

I briefly summarized in the party post about his visit.  Before Derek took the kids out to the field he taught them Olympic facts.  The party guests learned the Olympic Latin motto: "Citius, Altius, Fortius", or in plain words, faster, higher, stronger.  

He laced that motto throughout the entire workout, drilling the kids on each meaning, with exercises for each phrase.

The little athletes learned that to be faster they should exercise and eat well.

To go higher, they should keep a smart focus in school. 

And, to be stronger, they should always have a positive attitude.

I was super impressed with the way Derek was able to incorporate these fundamental life skills into one workout, wrapping it all together in summary with the Olympic motto!

 the party theme facts chalkboard that I like to have for my parties! 
If you've seen my other parties, you know I keep this chalkboard around. {wink}

Little Athletes ready to work with 970 Muscle Man!



 Titus goes for it!


 Little Olympians training for the GOLD!


My three little loves
in RED, WHITE, and BLUE!


I had a "little athlete station" set up for the hard workers after their training session. 
 It had sunscreen, vitamins, h2o, and sweat towels that were also part of their party favors. 

Gosh, building muscles is hard and hot work!

For the party guests who were too young to join in the workout, 
I made a bucket with patriotic balls, jump ropes, Frisbees, 
and giant beach balls for them to play with. 

We also played some other classic outdoor games! potato sack races!


 When the Little Athlete's workout with Derek was over, he had a SPECIAL award made, specifically for them!  Each aspiring Olympian was called to the award podiums to accept their award! 

The awards reinforced what they learned that day, awarded them for a job well done, and encouraged them to aspire to greatness with a beautiful quote at the end. 


Dakotah receiving his award... his cool Olympic shoes!

Our little Olympic Champs!

Thank you Derek for bringing fitness energy to our party!

Afterwards, the party guests were able to cool off inside

In addition to Derek's special award, 
the little athletes got some swaaggg bags 
tied with gold medals!

 In the fitness bag: jump rope, water bottle, Olympic colored socks, whistle, patriotic taffy, world flag pencils and bouncy balls.

More treats in the bag!


I always LOVE to make the boys birthday gifts MATCH the party theme
 and I incorporate the gifts into the decor.  
Kotah received this sports stopwatch for a gift and I used it as a decor prop too!

 It was a GOOD party day with GOOD-spirited little Champions!

 In closing, some ideas if you host your OWN fitness party!

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Jane said...

I believe that you have outdone yourself! This has been an exceptional party. I know each and every child had a wonderful time. It's obvious...looking at their smiles.

Well done, Lisa!!! and happy birthday to Dakotah!

caveman said...

This party was over the top. I like your suggestion for others to have a fitness trainer come if they want to throw their own party, but finding a trainer as amazing as Derek is an impossibility. Not only does he look the part, he is a teacher at heart and truly aspires to inspire everyone around him. I love the pictures of him flexing with the boys. I thought it was way cute how the boys initiated that!

Toqua's Crafts said...

It looks like everyone had a good time!

Unknown said...

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