Friday, August 10, 2012

the HOW TO and details on the THREE Olympic Party tables

This is PART THREE of a THREE part series.  
Please see PART ONE for summary of full party details 
and PART TWO for the fitness coach surprise guest.

Okay! It is the closing of the Olympic Games 2012, and this is also the FINAL post in the Olympic party series that I've been sharing. (Thank goodness because I'm literally seeing Olympic rings in my sleep!)This is my favorite post to write because I just double love table styling details! I always get crazy-excited about the party THEMES I'm working on, but I'm ready for a new theme to obsess with now!

In this last post, I wanted to zoom in on the table styling details.  I'm a details girl and I love making details take center stage.  So...I pump up the parties when I can with all the VERY COOL accents!

The first table to show n tell is our healthy RE-energize and RE-hydrate Bar.  After the party guests completed their workout with our surprise guest fitness coach, they were able to pile into the air-conditioned INSIDE and fuel their bodies with nutrition.

My personal party style preference is handmade, classic, rustic, with sometimes a bit of vintage added.  I also am drawn to understated beauty with simple details magnified.  For the backdrop of this table, I added handmade classic paper chains in Olympic colors, symbolizing the Olympic rings.  I also used my most-loved and always-used chalkboard for the table's sign!

For the Re-hydration area, I used a vintage styled beverage cart filled with ice.  The top bucket held h2o, juice boxes, and milk.  The bottom tray was lined with cans of v8 juice.

At the RE-energize table I had sections for the 3 basic "ATHLETIC food groups": proteins, carbs, and fruits & veggies.  For children's proteins, we served milk and cheese cubes.

I also sneaked in some adorable mini cheesy Olympic Torch appetizers.  

For the carbs, we served a tray of granola bars.  We also had rows of applesauce cups for the little athletes.

The FRUIT & VEGGIE section was my favorite part:

For the fruit section, I had baskets of fresh produce ready to grab and go!

Plums in cups, to catch the sweet juice!

Aren't these miniature banana bundles ADORABLE?

 I made go for the gold cans to hold long sticks of fresh veggies.  My husband spray painted regular cans GOLD! They turned out so pretty, I'm excited to use them for other projects too.

I also wrapped patriotic washi tape around the rim of glass jars to hold pickles and almonds.

And that's a wrap on the 1st table!

Table two, the next table that I'm going to spill all the details on, is the main lunch table.  For lunch we served pizza of course!  It's a party after all. {wink}  We ordered the pizza from Hot Tomato, a local favorite.  They make perfectly delicious pies!

But, we served Olympic Ring Pizza! The pizza middles were saved in the boxes and served to the guests.

For the blue ring, we topped the pizza with bleu cheese, we used olives for black, tomatoes for red, pineapple for yellow, and spinach for green.

To prepare the main table for the HUGE pizza rings, I lined a table with a roll of kraft paper.  I bought a big assortment of patriotic papergoods all in stars, international flags, gold, and red, white, & blue!  I also made tiki torch Olympic Torches for either side of the pizza table. Another main attraction of this table was the USA Punch!  The table had weights under candles added for extra decor too.

I used the custom stickers I ordered on some of the cups.

They each had special messages: Party like an athlete! The big 10! Go for the Gold! 

One of my favorite parts of this table were the giant balloons in Olympic colors on either side!  I hung go for the gold foil garland from them and they pooled on the ground, making an exciting statement!

Don't forget, I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY for a custom banner like the one below RIGHT NOW! Someone has to win, and it just MAY BE YOU! Click HERE to easily enter the giveaway. 

And that's a wrap on the 2nd table!

For the third table, the desserts... hold your fork! Because the dessert is saved for last! For the final table, I maintained a simple handmade look, maintaining an all-Olympic theme. 

The banner was PERFECT!  It was made special for me by Taffie Wishes and I double love it!  I wish you could see it in person, because it is just THAT cool.

The dessert table held some of the cotton candy Olympic Torch party favors!  We had plenty more for all the little guests too.  My husband spray painted a box lid gold, and I used bamboo skewers to hold the cotton candy.

I made classic M&M cookies, Mmmm.

I special ordered these Olympic sugar cookies simply adorned with the ancient Olympic olive wreaths painted on the top.

I also ordered the GO FOR THE GOLD cake.  I made little paper Olympic rings for the cake topper.

I've always liked to serve candy that is matchy-matchy with our colors and themes, so you won't find any orange M&Ms in this jar! 

I used patriotic washi tape to adorn the candy jars.  

I LOVE these vintage lollipops that I ordered from Vintage Confections

Some things never change...I have a feeling kids have been crowding around candy jars for centuries.  

That's a wrap on the 3rd and final table!


To see the complete Olympic Little Athlete Party "coverage" ;) please see:

-Big Resource of Olympic Ideas

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caveman said...

I've been eagerly anticipating this post. I love every table that you style. So I was disappointed I didn't make time to study the details of these tables because there were so many fun things going on at the party. I have three favorite things about these tables: The first is the presentation of the veggie table. It is 100% perfect and really catches my eye. The second thing I love is the banner behind the pizza table. I still can't get over just how quality a piece it is. The third thing I loved was the M&M cookies on the desert table. They were 1,000,000% amazing!

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Well done! The Olympics have been a fun part of the summer and this takes it up a notch :)
<3 Christina

Liz said...

Wow, that's a lot of work!! And it all looks so beautiful! Great job!! Liz

Gina Kleinworth said...

SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! Love all your ideas! He's never forget this birthday or the fact that the Olympics were during this time in his life

Dawnye7 said...

You sure put a lot of heart into this and it shows. What a beautiful spread that is full of great ideas!

Unknown said...

Reading this post makes me miss the olympics so much! I can't wait until Rio!

Leanne said...

I always love your party ideas and decorations. You are so creative and make everything so fun for your family. I featured your party tables this week and pinned it on my link party pin board.

Gigi said...

What a great party! I love the idea of cutting out the middles of the pizzas! I also love your polka dot table cloth!! Did you make it or buy it? And will you please share with me where you got it (or the fabric)? Thank you!