Monday, August 6, 2012

How to make it snow in the summer AND my son started a blog!

Cameron and I were hanging out together the other night and he asked me how old he needed to be to start a blog.  I casually shrugged my shoulders and said that now was probably fine.   He whipped his head around, looked at me, exclaimed, "really?!", and he jumped upstairs in 3 big steps.  Apparently he sat right down with his laptop to work on a blog.  It's amazing how our little people instantly learn how to use computers, phones, etc.  There is ZERO learning curve.  They immediately figure it all out.  Cameron did that with blogs!  He somehow managed to create his own without any help from him Mama.   I am so excited about his blog!  It makes my heart swell up supersized. 

 I would love for you to see 
my eleven year old, 
oldest son's, 
new blog. 

He even picked out a clever name for his new blog: 

How did this little guy...

 ...become this not so little guy? 

He is eleven years old and blogging like a pro! 

Also more proud Mama words: in the photo above he had just won 1st place in his MMA grappling tournament! =)

His latest blog post at a Window to a Life is a tutorial on how to make a colorful snow garden.  He just types his posts up without ever telling me the topics so I get to be surprised when I see his new posts too.

He has spent some summertime moments at our dear neighbor's house, the Turners.  They are one in a million and my boys adore them. The Turners are the perfect neighborhood grandparents for my kids!  They let the boys build Lincoln Log creations with their hand carved giant set, they chat with them on the porch with cool drinks or candy, and they let the boys skip home with borrowed books to read.  At a summertime block party we had at the beginning of the summer, the Turners taught all the neighbor kids how to make homemade ice cream using a crank by hand ice cream maker!

Classic summertime charm 
with our neighborhood grandparents

They bless our lives.  On this day, Mrs. Turner did a special experiment with the boys.  They made snow gardens and our whole family has LOVED watching the snow accumulate in the bowl every day.  It's fascinating to watch plain black coal grow whimsical snow!

Then if you wait long turns white!

If you want to know how to make this project, 
you'll need to head over to Cameron's new blog here: 

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