Sunday, August 12, 2012

a video clip of our wedding and thoughts on LOVE and LOSS

I've posted and removed this blog post a handful of times because a big part of me wants to share everything with you all, (which is my normal personality!)  but the other part of me feels too much pain to share.  Because of that, I post and remove, post and remove this blog post.  BUT, I'm keeping this post up this time!

Today would have been my Grandpa's birthday.  Any other year, I would be calling him this afternoon, telling him how HAPPY I was that we were celebrating HIS BIRTHDAY!  He would respond in his boisterous, robust, cheerful, excited voice, letting me know how pleased he was that I called.

But that isn't going to happen today because he went to heaven this spring, which I've haven't shared that with you all yet.  I miss him so much and I really just want to hear his voice.  I have some voice mails from him saved on my phone but I can't listen to them just yet.  

Our family had planned to take a road trip up to visit him on his birthday this year and I already bought party supplies, since I'm a party girl.  When I spotted these Coca Cola papergoods, I knew they would be perfect for his birthday.  He worked for Coca Cola and loved it too!  Since we're not there having a little coke party for him,  our little family five will go on a Sunday picnic and talk about our fun times with Grandpa.

In memory of my grandpa and for his birthday today, I wanted to share something intimate to my heart:

a video clip from our wedding (12 years ago!). This was the prayer, blessing, and proclamation of the two pastors who married us: my Grandpa and our hometown pastor.

My grandpa married us and he also married my parents.
I was married in the same church my parents were. 
How cool is that?

Our Wedding Blessing ~Chris & Lisa~

I have a lot more I would love to share with you about my grandpa, who I love like crazy!  I don't know when I'll be able to, but hopefully soon, because I want others to feel the rippling blessing of who he was.

I love you Grandpa, happy birthday.

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Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know you have so many beautiful memories to treasure...and in time, you will rejoice in them.

My grandmother passed away in the '60's and I still think of her often. Miss her terribly!

Take good care ~


The Tuscan Home said...

Sending you prayers and hugs. I am so sorry for your loss. XOXO ~Liz

Gail S. said...

Lisa - I posted on one of the times you had this up and removed and I can totally understand how hard it is to lose someone so special. My Grandpa was 96 years old and had a wonderful, filled life but that doesn't help missing him every day. You (and your family) are in my thoughts. Enjoy your picnic and have a Coke for your Grandpa.

Becca said...

I REMEMBER that kiss! Haha!

I'm sorry about your Grandpa, Lisa. My Grandma too passed away this year. It is so heartbreaking loosing loved ones. Love you!