Friday, August 15, 2014

A Fun Jet-Ski Birthday Party on the Lake!

Our very middle boy turned 12 years old this July.  He is one giant big heart.  He smiles big, loves big, and lives big. He turns everyday into an adventure and he is always taking the time to process and understand how people feel and if they're OK.  We love our Kotah Bear in a crazy huge way, it makes me feel like I could burst!
But anyways...about this boy's party...!

We had a kickback, classic summer experience for his special day.  I was very sick during this time and was unable to throw a fancy-pants party.  ;) His party was actually just 2 days before I had surgery and before I began my "feel well again" journey.  His birthday on the beach was just what our family needed.  His "theme" was jet skis and laketime.

For a cute beachy themed snack, I made a goodie tray full of goldfish, chocolate sea shells and fish, brown sugar sand, and blue jello water.  

I used these unique chocolates that my Grandma brought me back from Europe! 

Go fish and dig in!

I used my beverage cart for another snack area:

I also made fruit kebobs.  I make these often for our lake days! 

For lunch, I ordered Subway Sandwich platters.  Absolute lifesaver.

I decorated only with beach balls and free-hanging streamers.

Kotah and his friend, Kaleb, had fun with all the beach balls...

Cameron chasing the beach balls...

 Dakotah invited one friend, Kaleb, for his party for the day and then to spend the night over at our house.

Those two!

I needed something simple for the cake since I wasn't feeling 100%.  I made an ice cream sandwich cake that was extra yummy!

I just used some ingredients I had in the house to come up with the whipped frosting. 
To make:
Prepare whipped frosting by combining a package of softened cream cheese, a jar of marshmallow whip, and whipped cream (I like to whip mine fresh instead of buying the cream in tubs).  Add a little bit of sugar.  Fold together.
To assemble: 
Make 2 long rows of ice cream sandwiches.  Spread a layer of hot fudge on top.  Spread a layer of frosting over the fudge.  Repeat with all 3 layers again.  Sprinkle with pretties and freeze for a couple hours before serving!

Make a wish!

12 years to celebrate!


Time for presents! 

 I have always liked to match some of the gifts to the party theme.  It is a lot of fun! This year, we bought Dakotah a Lego jet ski set to match his jet ski lake party!

My parents also got him his first SNAP ON Tools.  He was in awe!

This is not how you use tools boys...

Titus gave his brother Hot Wheels.  LOVE.

After the festivities, we had a lot of water time fun!

Me skiing

Chris knee boarding

The boys paddleboarding

Jet ski time of course!

Our birthday boy wakeboarding!

 It was an exciting day under the sun, celebrating the adventurous life our very special middle boy.  The boys happily spent the rest of the day entertaining their friend Kaleb at our house, and enjoying a fun birthday sleepover!

Happy 12th Birthday Dakotah!
Love you always.


Teri said...

What a fun party! I bet your son just loved it! I would love if you would share these tips and anything else you would like, at my new blog party,Celebrate It! It's all about sharing how we celebrate our everyday lives!

Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

What a blast! And Dakotah looks just like you!

Unknown said...

thank you for including Kaleb in your special day! he had a GREAT time!!

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