Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Using NEON to celebrate! (part 2 of 3)

This is part TWO of a THREE part series.  See part ONE and part THREE for the complete details.

 Neon.  Really?  What goes around comes around.  I do LIKE neon though.  I don't love it,  but I like it.  It's a bold, confident, no excuses, type of color!  It amps up the fun and shows us to lighten up and to sometimes just live out loud.

I planned on switching up the traditional pastel colored Easter season this year with splashes of Neon on the Easter table instead but it didn't work out in our plans and I did a tulip table instead.  However, I still have my basketful of goods I scavenged up and they're ideal for this summertime 2012!

In my blog post tomorrow, I will share how we celebrated with neon but today I want to share some ideas and tools to highlight your parties with NEON!

What's in the basket?

Nylon mason twine from hardware stores work excellent for neon themed events!  As we know, the construction industry is all about the neon.  Think outside the box and scan your local Home Depot or Lowe's for a variety of party accessories!

There are endless ways to use the mason twine:
- tying packages
- wrapping around vases for decor
- creating lazer mazes in empty dirt lots for kids' play
- hanging balloons
- nail art

I wrapped our water bottles with them for our adventure.  1, 2, 3 EASY. 

The office supply aisles have plenty of neon supplies right now!  I grouped together some neon pencils as tiny surprise favors and tied them with the mason twine.  They also sell neon erasers, colored pencils, markers, labels, and more.  Highlighters are neon and are always sold in stores! 

Water balloons are neon and they are O so summer!

Traditional gumballs have hints of neon:

I also found tiny neon spoons for tiny treats!

 They are stacked up and ready to be used for ICE CREAM with sprinkles of neon.

Yesterday, I shared our recipe for homemade BubbleGum ice cream!  This ice cream kicked off our summertime Neon celebration that I'm sharing about tomorrow.

Click HERE to see details on the BubbleGum ice cream!

When decorating for a celebration, don't forget to adorn your little self too! {wink}

Remember these gumdrop size, bright Kate Spake sparklers I wore on Easter?

They are neon for sure!

I have fun and simple neon bracelets too that bring me back to days at summer camp, 10 years old, weaving long chains and bracelets together, some to give away to friends, and some to keep!

For the days when my most loved skin ink adornment isn't enough:

 Another easy neon idea is to use round, neon labels sold on the office supply isles.  Hey loves, these are good for much more than yard sale stickers!

Stick them ANYwhere.  Gifts, cards, signs, or on disposable food serving pieces:

These tall neon candles playfully wait to be used for a super fun celebration.  Stores are now selling neon food coloring and egg dye too. 

Other ways I've used neon this season are for 30 balloons to surprise Chris with on his birthday.  Warning however: neon balloons work terribly with helium for some crazy unknown reason.  Two of every three pop, sending our hearts into rapid patters every 20 seconds.  See details on neon birthday balloons here.

 And again, I used colors of neon in Titus' Art Through Town birthday lunch
Click here to see details on that!

I've given the kids gifts in colors of neon this season as well:  classic kites.  Keep your eyes open for color strokes of neon on toys!

And last season I used glow in the dark to create some Neon Nights!

In summary:

As you can tell by now, neon accents are all over this little big world.  
Share your ideas too! 
I'm looking for any tips on making our day BRIGHT with happy neon.

Tomorrow will be part 3 of this series, showing how we celebrated a summer day with neon.

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Katherine said...

These really are some great ideas! Love neon & bright colors. Feel free to link this up to Gettin' Krafty With It this week!

caveman said...

I am amazed at all the different ways you find to use neon. Good thing I have a wife who pays attention to all the details for me, because I could never be as creative as she is!

Meaningful Mama said...

Such great ideas. I especially love those water bottles. Fun times. Jodi @ www.meaningfulmama.com

Jane said...

Some really great ideas! I am a huge fan of neon. Cannot wait until our next celebration...I'll be doing up some water bottles!

Like you, I love strolling the aisles of Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware stores for out-of-the-box decorating ideas. Remind me to share our "craft party" idea...good for adults!