Monday, July 2, 2012

Firework Confetti Balloons and a Patriotic Crate to-go!

 It's now full summer, the air is still and WARM, and hearts are FREE in these long July days!  I just shared a GIANT resource of patriotic ideas last week and today I wanted to share a short and sweet activity to do with your little people for our country's birthday. 

We live in the beautiful state of Colorado.  I adore this little square on the map! Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of living here.  My pretty-much-a-complete-superHero-husband knew that my dream was to live in Colorado and he brought me here shortly after we got married.  Our state has been under fire (literally!) these past few weeks and it is heartbreaking.  There are ways for everyone to unite together and help.  Please click over to HELP COLORADO NOW to discover easy ways that you can assist. Thank you!

 photo taken in Beaver Creek, CO, at the Tough Mudder event

Because of these fires, we have a firework ban this year.  Safety first loves! ;)    I've collected a handful of alternative ways to celebrate.  Brilliant Martha Stewart shared the idea of these Firework Confetti Balloons!

So, grab your supplies, some tall glasses of ice water, and gather your little people together on the back porch to make these confetti poppers for the 4th! 

You'll need:
- funnel
- air pump
- festive balloons
- festive confetti

Here's the HOW TO:
- Carefully secure a balloon under the funnel. 
- Gently pour confetti down the funnel and into each balloon.
- Using an air pump (be safe and don't blow with your mouth with the confetti inside) fill balloons with air.
- Tie off and you have big firework confetti balloons! 
- When you're at your 4th of July gathering pass out the balloons with pins and  and celebrate with a big POP instead of a BANG this year!  It's super fun for the kids to watch the confetti flutter down everywhere after all the pops sound off in the night sky.

While we were all putting together our firework balloons, Dakotah got a bit of confetti stuck in the funnel so he leaned in and tried to blow it through.  All the confetti flew back up out of the funnel, whirled around, and fell all over him.  Everyone was laughing and he was quite the star-covered cutie!

The boys really had fun with this project!

My kids have big imaginations and always walk around dressed up as something.  I have no idea what my youngest was up to on this day, but I've learned to just go with it.  It is perfectly normal in our house to walk around in dinosaur costumes, even if it is July, not October.  

I did lose his attention at some point though...he was spotted growling and climbing a tree instead of blowing up balloons...

The balloons turned out so beautiful when held up to the setting sun.  It was a galaxy within a balloon! It almost makes me not want to POP them.

Another idea that I'm taking off with this year since we have a firework ban is anything glow in the dark!  Last summer we had a lot of fun with bright lights in the black night with a Glow in the Dark Party I hosted 

This year, for the 4th, we plan on lighting up the dark once again with bright glows of red, white, and blue.

Wal Mart sells glow in the dark balloons! How cool is that?  I also bought the extra long glow necklaces to fill our festive sky with.  We will be spinning these on the dark night's canvas instead of spinning sparklers this year.  My Mom will be adding to our glow collection with glow in the dark bubbles and more!

I cuddled all my super cute 4th of July decor, along with the glow treats, into a wood crate and surprised the kids with a 4th of July box to go We'll take it to my Mom's house when we celebrate. 

What's inside:

Simple stuff like washi tape and baker's twine to make the details sparkle:

Easy paper goods for our All-American fare:

Adorable ice cream cups and spoons I snagged on one of my favorite sites, etsy!

 Homemade ice cream is a classic staple to a festive 4th.  My Mom makes the BEST homemade ice cream.  She learned some little secrets from her Dad, my dear Grandpa.  And my Grandpa was a smart man because that ice cream rocks our socks!

Our patriotic crate is ready to go! 

Little details,
finding the joy in simplicity, 
making moments beautiful, 
all mix together for memories to last for always!

Tomorrow I'll be back with hints of 4th of July decor in our home sweet home.  
I have other fun news coming up first podcast!
I'll be talking about party ideas.

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Jane said...

You always find the neatest things! I have never seen glow in the dark balloons (heading to walmart in the morning!) These are really cool!And I love the idea of confetti balloons! So you!

I got such a kick out of the dinosaur costume. My middle son was like never knew what he would be wearing day to day His favorite outfit was a "dino-drago-bot" (his own creation!)...the youngest always dressed in the appropriate gear for whatever sport he was, hockey, name it. He had all the equipment for every single sport...and would play "games" for hours, in the backyard. Life was NEVER dull!

Have a happy 4th! (We will be partying here...celebrating our wonderful nation...and my (ugh!) birthday!)


Liz said...

Great idea to put confetti in the balloons! I'm gonna use this idea for a upcoming birthday! Thanks for sharing! Liz

Meaningful Mama said...

What fun ideas you have here. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Unknown said...

My boys walk around the house dressed up in old Halloween costumes just about every day. I too just go with it.

"Come on Spiderman, let's go to the store."

Your boys are adorable.

Unknown said...

Found you via Shabby Creek Cottage... how could I not click on a post that had "firework", "confetti" and "balloons" in the title? My kids would go nuts for these!

Jessi @ Practically Functional said...

What an awesome idea! I never thought about filling balloons with confetti but I bet they were tons of fun to pop! I'd be thrilled if you want to share this at my current link party!