Thursday, June 28, 2012

Xtreme Tough Mudder Race, Colorado 2012

Remember when I told you HERE that my husband was planning on racing a Tough Mudder? My crazy cool husband just completed this mud race and I am one happy wife.  The course included 22 military style obstacles and 13 miles of trail that wove straight up a Colorado mountain!  As I previously mentioned, my cousin's husband, Josh, also raced with Chris.

The Tough Mudder obstacles included ice bath swims, barbed wire, balancing, extreme jumping and climbing, live electricity, and more.   Here is a sample of what these crazy tough racers maneuvered through.

In an event that requires SO much mental and physical strength it is important to have fun and not take yourself too seriously!  A lot of the energy on the course was filled with silly costumes, racers singing between huffs on mountainside, and people laughing at themselves at they slipped down the slopes.  It's OKAY if you want to try a race and skip some obstacles.  Life is brief and our moments are a treasure.  Just get out there and live, even if you can't do it ALL. 

Never take yourself too seriously.
Never hold back.
Always love your moments.

...besides, everyone logically thinks to wear a tutu and a purple wig when they do the toughest event on the planet, right?

To kick off the morning on race day, all the kids wore shirts that created a HUMAN BANNER to surprise their daddies!


This breathtaking mountain is the very ONE they raced up, over, and around!

The Colorado mountains have been a longtime favorite of mine.
Oh yes, they have my HEART.

As the guys raced, we walked along beautiful trails, trying to find the best place to spot the racers!

 And while they were covered in mud and sweat and pretty much dying, we were relaxing in the breeze on the ski lifts...

My parents and brother came to watch and I was EXTRA happy that my grandparents traveled up from Arizona to share in the excitement too! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! 

 My Grandma with Titus.

Once we found the perfect spot to wait for the guys, all the kids lined up and high-fived the racers!

I was stuffing lots of energy and anticipation in my spirit as I waited to see Chris and Josh arrive at the various obstacles!  It seemed to take FOREVER! 

While we waited, the kids practiced their TOUGH MUDDER skills.

Kotah Bear being a Tough Mudder.  This boy has always wanted to be just like his Daddy.

Tough Mudders in Training throughout the day!

Finally the guys arrived at the summit! My Grandma cheered Chris and Josh on as they appeared on top of the mountain! 

We were so excited to spy our MEN in the crowd...

After the reached the summit, they were half way done, with more excitement on the way.  I'll finish off by sharing more extreme pictures to recap the event:

Here is a quick picture story of what our guys did that was so ABSOLUTELY COOL:

FIRST, the race began on the side of a steep mountain.  Their first challenge was to run STRAIGHT up the mountain side.

On your marks! Get set!

 They kicked up some dust at the starting line with thousands of other racers...

They jumped over super tall walls...

                  Chris                                                                    Josh

They got baptized by mud!



Chris clearing the log walls...

They ran through LIVE electric wires...
because that is the cool thing to do,

At this point, I think Chris got shocked 
because his face is telling me that 
he just thought, "ef, electricity hurts!"

These two are total beasts! 
(oh and they're super hot too) 


This half pipe was the most FUN to watch! 
 A TON of people would run up, not make it,
 and come flying back down.  It was entertaining. ;)

Chris on the HalfPipe!
Like a Boss YOOOO!

When our guys' mud covered shoes stamped across the finish line, I felt so proud of them inside.  I've always admired determination, fortitude, and people who push themselves beyond their limits.   Way to go Chris and Josh! You have my full admiration and respect. 

Clean up shower time!

 It's a beautiful thing to see 
what the human body is capable of
 when we let our minds 
master the challenge!

Thank you Josh and Chris for demonstrating 
the character of strong men, 
physically, mentally, and emotionally,
leading by example as role models of 
endurance and dedication
for your families.


*A BIG thanks to my Dad for taking a LOT of these amazing action shots!  I appreciate you Dad!

**The government makes me say that I was compensated for this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own and always will be!

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caveman said...

Thank you, Lisa. The very best thing about life is sharing it with my one true companion! You know, if I do this again you are running with me, right? Just because you are my biggest (and my favorite) fan doesn't mean you have to stay on the sidelines.. I even promise not to be offended when you run past me.

Have I mentioned the 'Mudder was hard? The obstacles weren't bad. The distance wasn't completely terrible. The mountain was beautiful. Wrap all those things together and it was an absolute killer. It was everything I expected it to be and more.

The one real surprise was the vibe from the other racers. The whole time I was out there, I felt like a member of one giant, positive team. If anyone has even the slightest interest in doing one of these, they absolutely should. But call me before you go because I want to do it with you. It was that much fun.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

This is just so impressive! I'm sure that your sons were very proud too.

jeana said...

My husband and his friends did the one near Dallas in April! So much fun! And like you, I was so proud! Good job guys!

Jane said...

Chris and Josh totally impress me with their determination. What amazing role models for all those young boys in their Touch Mudder shirts!

I am going to send your post to my son and to a friend in Vero Beach...they are talking about participating in the Florida event.

Thanks so much for sharing...and thanks to your dad for the wonderful photos. Way to go, Chris!!! (and Josh, too!)


Jocelyn said...

What awesome pictures you got from the event! My husband and I did the Tough Mudder last November...yup, it was cold and tough, but awesome!!! I just wish I had gotten someone to take pictures of it...our waterproof camera wasn't mud proof:-)

Joyce said...

I have been talking with a friend about this when it comes to Cairns, looks like so much fun! Love the boys shirts :)

KC Coake said...

Looks amazing! Glad they enjoyed it as it looks like it is a ton of physical work!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow that looks like an amazing race. Love the photo with the kids and their proud shirts.
I agree the views were very beautiful.
Have a great weekend.

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

That is CRAZY! I'm totally intrigued by it and think it would be super fun to try but I have to say, the live wires kind of have me freaked out! What an awesome memory ... and what a great location!

Unknown said...

You had me until the electric wire bit... no thank you! Although if people want to do something a litte less extreme, te Muddy Buddy race is a good alternative. I have done that one and it was a lot of fun.