Friday, June 8, 2012

City Vacation, Saltwater Sailing (part 2)

This is part 2 of a two part blog post.  Click here for Part 1.

To finish off our mini getaway to a little city, Chris and I took our boys on a sailboat tour on the Great Salt Lake!  Before our vacation, I did a lot of THINKING of what activities our family could do in Salt Lake that were unique to that area.  I wanted our boys to learn more about the actual Salt Lake and to fully experience it so I did some research and discovered The Great Salt Lake Experience Sailboat Lessons and Tours.

Giant white sails
wind at our backs
compass and directions
safety orange rafts and nautical bags
ropes and blue skies

A Day of Sailing!

That morning all of us were super excited to get out on the water:
packed, cozy, and ready to set sail!

 We even brought along our monogrammed nautical bag with rope handles. :)

The boys were ALL SMILES as soon as we made our way into the endless blue water.

The powerful mountains above the strong shifting waters were breathtaking.

I am always excited to TEACH our family at every opportunity.  I believe that we can learn all through life, not just in a schoolroom.  It is exciting to use events in our daily lives as chances to LEARN and DISCOVER!  A sailboat tour and lesson was the ideal time to soak up some new knowledge!

We were able to learn and be sailors for a day.

We learned a completely new vocabulary!  And no, it wasn't swearing like a sailor... Our captain taught us different nautical terms to use when sailing and what they mean.  I got confused instantly but it was all so fascinating to watch and learn!

Captain JR.

 I hope my boys always have a heightened awareness for the opportunities to learn, while still enjoying life's pleasures.

Square knots, slip knots, all sorts of knots to twist on ropes if you live the life of a sailor!
Boys and knots are a healthy combination!

We learned that when there are a lot of waves, the water is referred to as "lumpy"Aww, I kind of like that term... it's cute...lumpy water. ;)

It was a little lumpy out on our sail!

A sailboat is actually a beautiful thing.  It moves across the vast waters, powered by the elements of nature.  It was mesmerizing to watch the oversized sails fill with air and whip it out.  The sails do a majestic but speedy dance with the wind. 

 The Great Salt Lake is home to millions of birds!

Being on the fresh saltwater brought a new calm to my often too hurried life. 

This day out gave us all a chance to be still on the moving water, TOGETHER as a team, and to remember that even though we are reaching a life stage where each of us goes in different various directions, that is it valuable to pause life and to celebrate our family, our team, US...together. 

My nautical loves

 I adore those inquisitive tea cup blue and hazel eyes on my boys with their blond hair framing perfect smiles.  And I need the strong arms of my husband that hold me and let me know that I'm never alone.  We spend money on life experiences and it is worth it.  Paying for moments is worth far more than paying for material things.  We don't own a flatscreen tv but we've invested in our fair share of adventures.  I would pay each dollar, a thousand times over, just to spend those minutes again with the ones who make my heart full. 

And so, 
we snatch those minutes in time, 
run away
and together we

sail away,
sail away,
sail away

from the noise of daily life and find ourselves captivated by our little-big world.  

The beauty is always there, 
but silly humans, 
we forget to stop, 
we forget to steal our families away...
to sail away and discover it!

To see tips on planning a downtown city vacation and for more details on this vacation, 
please read part 1.

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Melissa said...

I love that you would rather spend money on life experiences than material things. My Husband and I feel the same way. Moments in time are treasures that you will remember forever, and be able to tell your grandkids about. :)

. said...

Moore family bag is cute.. perfect for this trip! The scenery is gorgeous and the pictures turned out great!! Looked like a fun experience, thank you for sharing your moments captured with us. -Brandi

Jane said...

Now THIS is my special love...sailing. Marty and I purchased a sailboat before we bought our first home. We sailed 2-3 days a week...met some of the most wonderful people while doing so.Our favorite place to sail was in the Indian River...the intracoastal waterway that parallels the Atlantic. We always had dolphins following was wonderful!!!

I am so glad your sons got to experience sailing. It's the most wonderful feeling...the tang of salt air on your tongue...the clang of the halyards against the mast...PEACE!

I cannot imaging sailing on the Great Salt Lake with the beautiful mountains surrounding us. Magnificent!

the cape on the corner said...

what a wonderful sailing trip and gorgeous pictures! i've never heard of "lumpy" water...we always say it's choppy if there's lots of little waves.

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

LIsa, Once again, you have made me long to wander and enjoy the same beautiful places you have been. These shots of your sailing adventure are just fantastic. I feel like I've just had a little time away while sitting here on my couch. Thank you!