Monday, June 4, 2012

Downtown City vacation DAYS! (part 1)

 In mid April, our family took a springtime city getaway.  I wanted to post this during the appropriate season, in full spring, when hoodies shelter us from the departing cold breeze of winter and when the soft sunshine warms us only for a few moments when we stand directly under the rays!  But the calendar has flipped to June and I'm just now sharing our vacation! It's been "one of those days, weeks, months".

 We traveled to the SIGNATURE family friendly city: Salt Lake City, Utah! I wanted to visit Thanksgiving Point during their Tulip Festival.

Can you see why?  
Glowing magic of springtime flowers

Springtime dances with the expectation of new color and warmth, giving us a peek-a-boo into the happy upcoming months!  One of my most-loved qualities of the spring season are bulbs! Delicate tulips are...,yes gorgeous, that's the word.

The gardens at Thanksgiving Point had over 250 thousand (!!!) tulip blooms. 

We each got our hands stamped with tulips, then we were off to count all the varieties of tulips.

Walking through the endless green hills was truly a dream.  When I was a little girl and I would squeeze my eyes shut and hope for "sweet dreams" at night, I would lie in bed and out of the darkness envision miles of beautiful gardens just like the gardens at Thanksgiving Point.  

 Flower Rainbows at every turn...

 Posing for a picture super fast so they could flop down and roll down the hills!

How tempting are rolling hills of green grass?
They rolled, and rolled, and rolled.  These green hills rolled out forever! 

 Okay, I had to try it too.  And that decision left me dizzy for  I just stuck to the ground at the bottom as the entire world spun above me and I saw fuzzy blond heads bopping down the hill calling my name and my extra sweet husband laughing from the top. 

Then the boys ran up and pushed repeat again and again. I just played it safe and took pictures, as usual. 


After leaving the gardens, we went to the farm country at Thanksgiving Point.  I've never wanted to be a country farmer, but it does have its charm...from a distance. ;)


To my boys, 
If you become farmers when you grow up please bring me baskets of fresh produce & please scrub with lots of soap before hugging me.

When evening rushed into us, we finished out our day at Thanksgiving Point in the Ancient Life Museum.  Because I have a household of boys, this place was a hit.  I prefer shopping, but I won't complain...this time.

My big husband isn't so big after all.

The boys spent SO MUCH TIME playing in the dirt, building dino-land stuff.

A little bit of learning along the way...

Before leaving, the boys got to pick out fun treats as souvenirs!

While vacationing in cities, I PREFER to find the hidden jewels for our night's stay.  It's more exciting to have a memorable, unique hotel, then a cookie-cutter room that you can find anywhere.  I was very happy with discovering Hotel Monoco in Salt Lake City downtown! It had all the personality and all the charm!

The boys trying to spot our room.

The Hotel Monoco is French inspired, infused with modern fun.

Our rooms were appointed with slices of royal blues, reds, and deep purples, with unique lighting and princess beds. 

Whenever we travel, the boys always race into the room and collect the complimentary pens and paper pads.  Titus found it first and excitedly put them in his suitcase.  Well, Kotah was entirely disappointe that he missed out.  Soooo, without a word, Titus quietly wrote Kotah a note on the pad and put the pen and paper on his bed as a gift since Kotah was sad.  (love those boys!)

Titus in our room, in the middle of downtown SLC!

Digging in their resort bags before bed to find their travel treasures! 

Chris and I managed to get a date night in while in the city! Bambara is an upscale restaurant downtown and the food is truly exquisite!
 It far exceeded our expectations.  Every bite was incredible!

One of our family's favorite pastimes is discovering different cities.  Every city is it's own unique mini culture!  For recreation, we take getaways to various downtowns and dig into the heart of that city.  Salt Lake is a small, peaceful city that shines on families.  We visited museums, walked the streets to see the historic architecture, and found the BEST places to dine!

Planetarium downtown

Peaceful city Sugarhouse Park with the incredible mountains as a backdrop!

Red Iguana! If you visit Salt Lake, you must eat here for Mexican food that will rock your world. 

City fountains in perfect downtown shopping plazas.  And yes, we touched the water.  It's irresistible.

While shopping we found Bear County Cookies! They even use whole wheat flour and these cookies are better than an ice cream cone...for sure.

Next time you have a pair of days set aside to relax with family, 
try making a quick road trip to a nearby city!

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I will share our sailboat tour (part 2) of our SLC getaway soon.

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Princess Kate said...

What a wonderful trip. I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. I too love staying in quaint little hotels and B&Bs instead of big cookie cutter chains. That hotel looks awesome. Anyway, beautiful pictures. Breathe taking flowers. Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

Exploring cities with your children...what an absolutely wonderful thing to do! So many people do not take the time to even learn about their own cities. And that's truly a shame. You are giving them a sense of adventure...of discovery. And you always seem to find the most interesting places to visit! These adventures will be locked into their hearts...and hopefully, one day, they will do the same with their children.

I hope you will include visits to a symphony performance in asymphony hall. And a live stage play (even if just a local high school production...Music Man is perfect for the kids!)My sons still talk about these adventures, along with the museums, the waterfalls, rolling down the hills, swinging on vines...There is so much to discover....

Loved seeing you roll down that hill (I would do it, too) But I do warn careful of skateboards and golf unbrellas...urban wind-surfing. It looked like so much fun...but for me, at least, they didn't mix! (broke one wrist, sprained the other...right after my 40th birthday.)

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great time your family had! Everything is so pretty and spring like! I'm happy you posted!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos..It looks like your family had a blast..I agree with you on staying in the city and doing as the locals do..Great post..Have a wonderful week..

caveman said...

Fun, fun, fun! I loved this trip. Each of your City Vacation Tip is worth reviewing. Every city has its own personality and not taking time to get to know them is like letting a potential friendship go by the wayside.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

The boys looked like totally troopers in the fancy flowers and stunning hotel. What a great trip with the family!

. said...

Everything looked so fun and the tuplips looked breathtaking! Titus is tooooo sweet to give his brother the paper and pen. They are too funny!!! I wish I could have those cookies, they look so good! Your food at dinner looked delicious too!!! Glad you all had a wonderful time! -Brandi

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Thanks so much for the tour. I found you at Be Different Act Normal. I never knew what Salt Lake City was like. You have given me a beautiful introduction and I just love it. Now I feel like I need a vacation so I can enjoy all the beautiful scenery in person! Stop and see me at Quirky Vistas.