Friday, May 25, 2012

Three UNIQUE campfire summer snacks

Breakfast ALWAYS tastes better when camping, TRUE.  But really, EVERYTHING tastes better when camping.  

Today I want to share 3 extra fun campfire treats:

Kissy Pies
Campfire Banana Boats
Elote Mexican Corn

 Some of my favorite camp memories are of lots of friends and family, huddled around the fire, creating goodness over the campfire.

 We don't do much camping anymore because I like pretending to be a spoiled princess in fancy hotels with shopping stores all around instead.  I'm a girly girl and nothing can compete with all that sparkly stuff!  ...not even the mosquito, dust filled, hard ground-sleeping, dirty  romantically, glorious outdoors!  But once in awhile I put my tomboy on and meet my Maker in the raw outdoors, thankful for this breathtaking playground God gave us.

My boys are pretty pleased when we set tents up all over the bumpy ground too! ;)

Father's Day 2011

The first camp snack I'm sharing has the most adorable name: Kiss Pies.  This {easy peasy} recipe is from the Picky Palate website.  I've been a long-time fan of her SWEET creations and these Kissy Pies grabbed my attention immediately because of the name.

You can prepare these in your camp trailer or at home before you take off down the windy roads.   For the full recipe, visit Picky Palate.  You can use any type of Hershey Kisses.  I think the cherry filled ones would be extra tasty! I used the caramel ones for this batch.

It doesn't get any more simple and perfect than Famous Hershey Kisses snuggled and pinched in pie crust and dusted with sugar.


The NEXT camp recipes are made right over the fire (as they should be!)...

 lil helpers

Snacking on the classic s'more

Changing the classic s'more up 
by using flavored marshmallows

When you want something different from the classic s'more, try campfire banana boats: bananas stuffed with chocolate, peanut butter or butterscotch, and marshmallows and cooked over the fire! I PREFER these over s'mores any day actually! I discovered this recipe years ago in an old, worn camp food book I have and I'm so glad I tried it!  

In addition to a bundle of bananas, you'll need: chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and butterscotch chips.  You can also try white chocolate chips or any flavor combo you think sounds RIGHT.  You'll also need a bag of marshmallows.  I used the flavored swirled caramel ones. 

Slice the banana lengthwise with the peel still on! Gently open it up and with a knife or spoon, push some of the banana to the sides to create a vessel that will hold the sugar goodness.

 This is the fun part that kids like to assist with! Stuff those nanners with whatever fillings you prefer.
I cut the marshmallows in half to help them fit better.


When you're done, gently close the banana (peel is still on!!) and wrap firmly in heavy duty foil.

Your banana dessert is ready to be put over the fire!

Keep them in the coals for about 5-6 minutes, until fillings are melted.  Open up and eat with a spoon! These are SO delicious!

The boys got to roast the extra marshmallows, CLASSIC. 

The last camp recipe is Elote corn. Elote is the Mexican name for corn on the cob, but it's 10 times better than the traditional kind!  Elote is a popular street fair food! It is an ideal camping dish because it can be prepared over the fire.  I found my recipe out of a book I have called Food on a Stick.

Here's the down low loves:

You'll need:
real deal mayo
butter (not margarine)
chili powder
salt and pepper, garlic salt, and cumin is desired
Cotija cheese or Parmesan  

There are TWO ways to prepare these! 

You can grill your corn in husks until roasted then peel the husks and spread on the mixture of mayonnaise, butter, and lime juice and top with cheese and seasonings


You can remove husks and:
Prepare foil squares for each corn cob and set corn on sheets.
Spread softened butter over each corn cob. Then spread on the mayonnaise. 
Squeeze a fresh lime over the corn and add chili powder, garlic salt, cumin,  and s &p.
Wrap in foil and cook over grill or fire.
Sprinkle with cheese before eating!

Elote campfire corn:
So super good!

For a few more ideas, you can check out my Classic Boy's Campout Birthday for details on 
little sleeping bag campers, 
trail mix treats,
chicken & potato foil dinners, 
and a s'more bar.

Now go build a fire and don't forget your guitar! 
I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.  
We will be doing yard work so eat some Elote Mexican corn for me pretty please.

And I would LOVE some more campfire meal ideas! 
What is your number one favorite camping food?

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Princess Kate said...

FINALLY an alternative to smores. Our famiy isn't big on smores (I know it's like un-American) so I absolutely love your kissy pie treats. That will definitely be on the menu next campout. Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

I absolutely HATE camping! (Thanks to the horrible Girl Scout experience) The guys got their fill with the Boy Scouts. I've always said that Holiday Inn was roughing it for me...

But, I do love some campfire food...burned hot dogs on a stick. Not really burned, but blackened. And I love s'mores...anytime, anywhere.
xo J

Jane said...
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Jenny said...

Lisa! Yum! I love Jenny at Picky Palate, too! She is sooo neat!

And so are you to come up with these fun ideas for the weekend!

Happy Memorial Day.


Is that appropriate to say?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ideas for the campfire..Thank you for posting them..I am going to be trying them all..

Unknown said...

must camp now!

what great ideas

Venassa said...

Mmm kissy pies sound so simple yet delicious.

Kristy said...

I LOVE camping!!! Thanks for sharing these delish-looking little recipes. I'd be happy to live permanently in a tent and eat fresh fish everyday, ha ha ha, but I know my little ones would prefer something a little less 'gamey'. We are actually going to camp this weekend, and I am going to try the banana treats!!

Thanks again :)

. said...

This post made me miss going to the beach and building a fire...

Looks like another fun time with family and good food as always!


Countrified Hicks said...

These look really good. Found you on the Mom's Best Nest blog hop. I also started following you today. Hope you will return the favor!

Aimee - The Crazy Craft Lady said...

Yum! We somehow managed to sign ourselves up for an unnatural number of camping trips this summer, and I'm always looking for new campfire ideas.

When I make smores, I like to use a mini-reeses peanut butter cup instead of a regular piece of chocolate...

Unknown said...

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