Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a Weekend with Bill Phillips/ Body for Life/ Transformation!

 Chris flexing his guns in a photo with Bill Phillips!!

I JUST shared my DreamList (bucket list) with you on my last post.  One of the highlighted ones has just been checked off in full color! To celebrate our 30th birthdays, Chris and I took a lil trip to Golden, Colorado, to meet Bill Phillips---author of best selling book: Body for Life,  the supplement King, and an international fitness guru!  Bill Phillips has been on my list of incredible people I would love to meet for many reasons.  First of all, my personal mission in life is to inspire and to be inspired.  And, his life has generously been spent inspiring countless people to live fuller,better, authentic lives.  Beyond his admirable success in business and in new fitness developments, is his depth.  Bill Phillips feels life deeply and lives with solid purpose.  He has used his resources and exceptional talent to burn passion within people's hearts and to propel change in everyday lives.  To actually get a chance to personally spend a weekend with him was a *pinch me several times* moment!

A few months ago, my parents, brother, and the rest of us were eating dinner together at Texas Roadhouse. We were having a conversation and asking each other what 3 people in the world we would want to eat dinner with if we could.  I listed Bill Phillips as one of mine.  Well.....fast forward to last weekend.  I LITERALLY ate dinner with Bill Phillips right across the table. ;)  Who says dreams don't come true?

Right now Bill Phillips is offering 3 day workshops 
called Transformation Camp in his hometown, Golden, CO.   


These three day workshops are packed full of encouragement, real people showing their real hearts, inspiration to live better physically and emotionally, and even the fun extras of nutrition and exercise tips from Bill Phillips himself! 

At the Transformation Center

Each day started off with fuel for our bodies! 

Working out with Bill Phillips...yes, that just happened.

The staff at Transformation Center is exceptional! 

Shane Thomas, seated below, has been Bill Phillips right hand man for many years and had a lot of knowledge for me to soak in!

 Some of the staff with one of our incredible teammates, Koz.

Chris and the trainers made a great team! And gosh, those trainers were cuuute. ;)

Chris and the trainers! My husband is pretty darn hot too. ;)

Bill Phillips treated us all to a very FINE dinner two nights in a row, lucky us! This meal was truly one of the best I've ever had.  Thank you Bill!

At T Camp I was blessed to meet some beautiful people, inside and out.

Bill surprised us with fun gifts throughout the weekend!

Chris and I agreed that the weekend here was a priceless treasure and one to take with us into our next decade and beyond! It was such an appropriate way to celebrate our 30th birthdays!  It is a challenge to live better physically and emotionally and to live always with a spirit of gratitude. 

 While we were in Denver for our DATE WEEKEND with no kids (!!!!), we enjoyed some of the city's best restaurants, a favorite: Lola Mexican.

 Guacamole made fresh at our table.

How adorable is this?!

Chris' Mexican brunch.

We also spent some time city walking downtown.  I'm a big lover and fan of downtowns as I've mentioned in my {after 30 bucket list}

And driving home on the Colorado highways makes me close my eyes
 and thank my Creator 
for this beautiful land He gave us!

Living with intention.
Setting goals.
Being authentic.
Sharing our struggles and successes.
Challenging ourselves and each other to live better lives.
Encouraging one another always.
Appreciating our physical bodies.
Inspiring and being inspired...

...this is what we learned during my weekend 
at the Transformation Center with Bill Phillips.

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caveman said...

This weekend truly was one to remember. One of the most interesting things about this post was the last paragraph. You listed 8 things you learned at transformation camp. But, if I had to list 8 things that most describe you, I could easily use that list. You live with determined and focused intention. You taught me how to set goals over a decade ago. Your authenticity is beyond refreshing for anyone who knows you, this includes your willingness to share your struggles and build up everyone else's successes. No one pushes themselves to live a better life than you do. God has never made a more encouraging wife. I really appreciate your physical body. You are the number one inspiration in my life. See, those 8 things truly describe YOU. No wonder we both thought Transformation Camp was a blast!

Jane said...

What an inspirational weekend! So glad you were able to check this off your list..and fulfill one of your "dinner dates". That's quite an achievement for such an "early 30" woman.

I agree with Chris...although I know you only through your writing and sharing of your family and thoughts, I believe that the final paragraph sums up you...and the you that you desire to be. You are an inspiration to so many...You share your struggles as well as your triumphs. You challenge each of your readers to do the same. You are one of the most encouraging women I have had the opportunity to "meet". And you are definitely an inspiration. I am privileged to "know" you.

Just Jaime said...

So awesome! Congrats on meeting him! The food looks amazing and I'd love to work out with those trainers!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Wow, this was just the neatest most unique read and post! So happy you did something you had your whole heart into!

And yeah... your husband's comment was icing on the cake! :)


Betsy @ Anna Nimmity said...

What a great post this is! This is my first time here, but I'll definitely be back. Thanks for sharing.

. said...

Happy you two got to get away alone and have such a great time and meet some great people! Happy you get to check something off your list of things you want to do.. thats always fun!!! -Brandi