Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let the Games Begin! Olympic Ideas Resource

cutest little new 10 year old ever!
with his cotton candy
Olympic Torch

UPDATE: The full party details are posted now here.

 I just gave you a quick peek-a-boo into our Olympic bash a couple days ago and I'm spilling more deets today!

I shared with you about our two OLYMPIC vacations last year:

Also, back in 2002, when I was pregnant with Kotah, we joined in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics celebrations at Bryce Canyon, UT, and held the torch for a quick picture as it passed through! ...then BAM, ten quick years later I'm hosting a big Olympic party for my middle boy as a home-makin' housewife! {smile}

 Winter Olympics 2002 torch in Bryce Canyon, UT

We are all about the Olympics here and now!  The opening games are getting closer!  It's time to be blown away as we watch unmatched physical skills of the best athletes in the world, and it's time for mamas and papas to bring the games home to our families with the celebrations of little life extras.  Today's post is a resource of ideas from our party, but able to be used on any day.    

So, here you go, loves!

Throw together a bucket of outdoor toys to encourage the beautiful gift of being able to MOVE OUR BODIES.  In simple form, the Olympics showcases the incredible ways that humans move their bodies.  In your bucket include balls, discs, and jump ropes.

While outside, with running shoes and a whistle, design some classic outdoor exercise games and contests for your kids and their friends.


We made flour stars in the grass lawn at the party.  I found the idea on...what's the site called again??...oh yes, Pinterest!!

Kids ready to WORK OUT!


When the kids are done working out, let them cool off with h2o and art!  They can create their own Olympic awards. 

Sit down around the kitchen table with your family and your big laptop and study Olympic trivia and facts.  What do all the Olympic symbols mean?  When did the games start?  What's the history of the ancient games?

It's also an excellent time to learn more about our countries and their FLAGS.  Kids really are drawn to flags and their meanings.  I hung this banner at our party.  It is from Wal Mart for $5. 

 While you're learning, find some good books on the Olympics and read them to your kids. This was a book called Olympig that we gave Kotah for his birthday and I read to the party guests. 

You can even make your own flag.  Pick a country, grab some material, cut a square and draw with markers.  Or you can use felt like this GORGEOUS banner I used for our party from Taffie Wishes.  This banner was my VERY FAVORITE decoration I used at the party!  I was over-the-moon excited about it!  It is perfect in every way....more on this beautiful banner when I share the party details.  Thanks Taffie Wishes

Decorate with flags, cheering your country on!

If you're having an Olympic event, you could also decorate a buffet table with iron weights and patriotic accents. 

Use patriotic papergoods to keep it simple instead of the real deal dishes.  I used basic red, blue, and gold paper plates.  I also bought an assortment of napkins: stars, gold, and some super cool World Flag napkins from our party store.

Also, at your event you could make your own USA Sugar Sips punch from a previous post I've shared before.

A super quick appetizer are these mini cheesy Olympic torches made with Bugles and spray cheese.

You can also make your own real DIY Olympic torches as I shared in my last post.

If you're hosting an Olympic bash, pizza always pleases for the main dish...especially Olympic Ring pizza! ;)  Our pizza was special ordered from a delicious and hoppin' local eatery in our town.

We had blue cheese for the blue ring, pineapple for the yellow, olives for black, spinach for green, and tomatoes for red.  

For dessert, serve up some colorful M&M cookies.

Or go crazy cool with cotton candy Olympic torches!  I ordered boxes of these airy spun sugar torches from Sugar Shack, a local candy shop.  They provided the custom color orange I wanted to imitate a flame!

Other Olympic Bash MENU ideas:
- go green and go healthy with an athlete's menu: protein shakes and produce! I will be sharing more ideas on this menu idea on my upcoming party post!
- Celebrate the cultures with a variety buffet of ethnic food from around the world.

Make nostalgic, handmade, paper chains in Olympic colors to symbolize the Olympic Rings.

Use leftover construction paper to cut mini rings out, glue to toothpicks and use for food toppers.  I made some to use on Kotah's gold birthday cake.

I hope you can use a handful of these ideas for your Olympic celebrations in the next few days.  And I will be sharing {lots} more of the exciting party details in upcoming posts so check back soon!

UPDATE: The full party details are posted now here.

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Jessica Loukota Leimback said...

Lisa...a little tough mudder in this one...I see the potential for the next party. We will definitely have to be there for that! Loved the bugles and bad for you but cute :)

Gina said...

This is fabulous! You did an excellent job. Very creative & I love how you thought of every little detail.

Chubby Chieque said...

This is really a cute post...

Olympics will be starting tomorrow.

TY for so smart ideas and I surely bring back this home.

Happy TS,
/CC from Stockholm

Alycia Nichols said...

These are all such great ideas! The flour on the lawn instead of toxic spray paint is SUCH a good idea!!! To get the kids up, out and moving their little bodies around is also fantastic! Oh, yes! I wonder if anyone in town here is making those Olympic pizza rings? That would be the most FUN party food while watching the games!

Big D and Me said...

This is a huge collection of ideas - love it!

Meaningful Mama said...

Absolutely great stuff you have here.

TidyMom said...

what fantastic ideas Lisa! So much fun!
Thanks for linking up! I shared both of your posts in my wrap up Have a fabulous weekend!

Jonie Marie said...

This is yet another great idea from you! I love how simple but fun all of the different elements of the party are. Thanks for linking it up to Point of View!

Unknown said...

I love the Olympic ring pizza idea!

Crystelle Boutique said...

I really needed some Olympics inspiration to get the kids more excited about the events....
Thanks for posting!

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