Thursday, March 27, 2014

Epic January Las Vegas Vacation

(and yes!  Epic is absolutely the appropriate word for this)

Las Vegas
January 2014

My brother is always surprising us with giant and exciting surprises. He spoils me.  Like here and like here.  He has the most incredibly generous heart!  He still drives me crazy (like lil brothers do), but I love him so much and he makes all of us feel like a million dollars.  Kyle knows how to make everything extra special, holding nothing back, and using his own signature flare.

This January, after the rush of Christmas, Kyle surprised me by taking us to see Celine Dion.  We made a big Vegas vacation out of it!  Seeing Celine Dion has been my heart's wish since I was 14.  It's on my "to do after 30" bucket list too!  I was SO EXCITED.

My brother, me, and my husband in Vegas <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

We did MUCH more than see Celine Dion though.  While in Las Vegas, we did all the shiny things this city had to offer.  Go time!

We stayed at the Aria.  It is fresh, modern, and youthful.  I highly recommend this casino! Beauty and over-the-top glamour is everywhere.

Our hotel

Also in our hotel was the best sweet shop in the world: 
Jean Philippe Patisserie.
I literally bought a dessert here every day 
(and we were here 5 days) ;)

We went to shows every night...
from Cirque du Soleil to Carrot Top!

going VIP!

Chris really has his mean guy look down, 
but I promise you, he's super nice! lol

...and we toured museums

I even found time to sneak in a run down the strip!  
This was a highlight of my vacation.
I decided I love the idea of running at destinations.

I also walked, and walked, and walked that strip a million times.
So much to see, including surprises in the sky!

Enjoying Vegas classics

We visited different casinos too.  
The Cosmopolitan was one of my favorites.  
It was a mix of modern and girly glamour.

The shoe fits!  I get to be Cinderella for a night.

And...we walked through the flower gardens 
inside the Bellagio and Wynn.
Isn't this flower art incredible?!

We dined at a lot of fun spots. 
This was at Julian Serrano Tapas Bar.

And Jean Georges Steakhouse...

And the giant breakfast buffet at Aria.
My mini chicken and waffle breakfast was adorable.

In the middle of our vacation was the night I had been waiting a lifetime for!

 I can't explain how happy it made me that my brother made this dream come true for me!!  Thank you Kyle!


Let's do this!


Me and my main squeeze getting ready to watch Celine!

Her concert was amazing, classy, and just beautiful.  I wasn't ready for it to be over!

The next morning we went to the Exotic Race Car Track
sat through a quick driver's meeting briefing, 
and then we each DROVE Ferraris and other exotic cars around a race track!

These boys were in heaven.

Yes! I actually drove this thing and the adrenaline had my heart racing.  

I drove a Ferrari 430 with a 
race instructor in the passenger seat.  

I also did a ride along in a 
Corvette Z06 with a professional drifter.  
It blew my mind!  

Our vacation was super fun, an ideal way to break up a January!

No time for sleep in Vegas!

Fireworks outside our hotel window.

Until next time...

 See you later Las Vegas.

I have been extra lazy with blog posts this year and am far behind!  

Coming soon:

Gender Baby Reveal Party,

Paper Airplane Makin' Party,

Lindsay Letters Art,


another big bucket list check mark.

So check back!

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

What an exciting trip and great pictures!

You have one super nice brother!!!

Loved seeing Vegas with you!