Monday, April 20, 2009

He Rocks My Socks

I wrote yesterday about my birthday, but the story didn't stop there. My brother made me dinner that same night for my birthday!! I thought it was extra sweet and thoughtful of him. He started it all out on the right foot by carrying in a pretty vase of cut flowers with a butterfly balloon and a 12 pack of coke (he knows what I need). ;)

I had no idea he was going to make dinner for my parents and my family, but in he came with bags of groceries to prepare BBQ Chicken sandwiches with bacon, and tomatoes. How sweet is that?! The sandwiches were extra tasty! He did a fabulous job.

And to finish off the evening, I found this darling new outdoor patio set on my back porch from him and my parents.

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Abby Killam said...

so cute- kyle all grown up... glad you had a happy day :o)