Monday, April 27, 2009

My 7 Year Love Affair With Uggs

I don't have a large shoe collection like a lot of women,
but I do have quite a few Uggs.

They are my therapy for bad days, bored days, busy days, and happy days...okay, for all days...I can't live without my Uggs.

Usually, I go through abnormal withdrawals during the summer because I don't have Uggs on my toes. BUT, this year all that changed with my new FLIP FLOP UGGS!!! *gasp* Can you believe it? A layer of plush coziness lying over a flip flop?! Here are some pictures of my lovelies...
I actually don't own a pair of the now popular simple boot ones. I prefer the fun styles and I really like their slip on clogs with heels! Here are a couple more of mine...
(these are the boots I prefer)

Ugg shoes are a passion of mine, obviously...but I am also in love with their accessories. I have an Ugg cell phone case and a few Ugg handbags that are absolutely adorable and softer than purses should be allowed to be!

Ugg now sells normal shoes too without the sheepskin but what is the point in that? I only have the Ugg products with the sheepskin...nothing beats that Austrailian sheepskin cuddling your feet!

And now for the best part!

This pillow will completely transform my couch

This handbag is similar to my other ones because it has all the soft sheepskin, but it is a different color and....hmmm....I can't think of any other good reasons why I need it, JUST BECAUSE I suppose. :)

I hope my husband reads this post...and to the rest of you...go buy some Uggs ;)


caveman said...

I hope your husband reads this too! What a shame it would be if he couldn't see the intense love you have for Uggs ;)

Dorey said...

oooh, those flip flops look very comfy! Who doesn't love a good pair of comfy shoes? =)