Friday, April 17, 2009

Fly Away Beautiful Girl

And all makes strangers can sketch portraits of their everyday life on the www for all to friendships are woven with typed words as we each express our we could laugh and cheer as we read families happy successful moments...and it makes sense how our tears could fall over our computer keys as we read of hurts that we can feel deep within.

It's the world of blogging: the updated way to reach out, share, love, and laugh. It has taken the place of other forms of relationship-making. But sometimes in the midst of our online networking, we ask ourselves if it's worth the time, and we wonder if it EVEN makes sense to share our hearts with the vast world out there....and we learn...THAT IS DOES MAKE SENSE.

Beautiful Maddie flew away from the arms of her loving parents unexpectedly last week. Both of her parents, Mike and Heather have blogs. I have read their blogs as they deal with the fun and trials of parenting. I was on Twitter following Heather's updates the night that Madeline was rushed to the hospital...and her passing was the last thing I expected.

BUT, if her parents hadn't have shared their life online, the cute footprints of Maddie would have silently disappeared. However, because of the incredible technology we have as we form online bonds, hundreds of thousands have supported Mike and Heather during this time. THOUSANDS of dollars have been raised for March of Dimes in honor of little Maddie.

And today, you can give Maddie your love by watching this tribute video of her.

In her memory, use gentle, kind words with your children today, with no harshness, because they are your gifts here on earth for a season. Don't waste a minute scowling or frowning at them. Do it for Madeline and do it to remember your blessings.

The Tribute to Our Madeline from Mike and Heather on Vimeo.

"Fly, fly little one...your endless journey has began...take your gentle happiness...far too beautiful for this."

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