Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet Pink and Bad Black: 50th Birthday!

It was my Mom's 50th birthday the other day. Wow, a variety of emotions swirl in my mind as I rewind the years in my head. My mom has lived an incredible life, living it very much to the fullest! She has blessed many people, especially her family. She is our foundation and we so enjoyed celebrating her LIFE with this bubbly party.

You all should know that I absolutely thrive on planning celebrations! So, I am going to waltz you through step by step on the planning of this family bash. :)

The theme was pink and black, and polka dots, with a splash of retro mixed with contemporary. EVERYTHING was pink and black!!

I made the table runner out of scrapbook paper pages and ribbon.

I bought plastic cups and embellished them with scrapbook stickers.

I also replaced the lightbulbs with 2 RED and 2 PINK lights to give a fun effect.

I made a round pink carnation (50 carnations) centerpiece (See this post here) and bought black disc marbles to decorate with as well. The marbles don't show up in the photos because of the dim lighting.

What did Grandma get inside all of those pink-wrapped presents?? WOW...(the faces say it all)

We even planned for most of her gifts to be pink and black and retro. She got a black apron from Heavenly Hostess, (click here to see it). She received a lot of pink and black fragrances from Victoria's Secret, vintage bath products, a pink ice cream scoop, a classic pearl necklace, etc.

Even the food was pink!
I made a fresh raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing that was pink of course.

Pink lemonade was served.

Also, a fruit jello/pudding that was pink(ish). I cut pink marshmallows in round discs and put pink sugar on them to maintain the color and polka dot theme.

We had bowls of pink whopper candies and pink strawberry marshmallows too.

And the cake was too cool! I got it from a local cake shop and it turned out lovely!

This is the menu I prepared:
~ Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Chives Stuffed Pork Chops
~ Baked Zucchini Chips
~ Garlic Parmesan Red Mashed Potatoes
~ Homemade Honey Wheat Bread
~ Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette, Roasted Almonds, Feta Cheese, and Red Onions over Mixed Greens
~ Strawberry Cream Jello pudding

I had to add a sappy touch too...I got a photo of when my mom was little and I copied a poem called "Daddy's Girl" that my Grandpa wrote for my mom when she was little onto the photo to create a banner.

Before the lights were changed to red and pink ;)

And after...

We all had an exciting evening, a perfect way to start her first day of being 50.


bridget {bake at 350} said...

How FUN!!! You did a great job planning it! :) I wish I would have done something like that for my mom's 50th.

I love Heavenly Hostess aprons, too! Cool gift!

Mike said...

Belated happy birthday. Food looks tasty.

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Tanya said...

What a special event your planned...every detail was perfect!

Dorey said...

Wow! I love every detail! Especially the cake and centerpieces. =)

sunshine said...

I am so very blessed to have you for my daughter. You are so full of love, creativity, and sugar sprikles of whimsy. Thank you for a party I'll always remember with delight! Love, Mom

Heidi Boos said...

Fabulous party! You have some extra special touches that made this party look extra special! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment for my lollipop sweetness party. I'm so glad to be able to stop by and have a fellow party planner who is way into themes like me!!

Birthday flowers said...

How sweet son you are!Your mom is very lucky to have you.


Jacey Autumn Photography said...

SOOOOO adorable! Great decor :)