Thursday, March 13, 2014

Titus turns 10 on the Ski Slopes

My baaaaby switched into double digits this month.  I have documented all of his birthdays on this blog since he was 4! I remember posting about No More Toddlers in the House and now I'm posting about our youngest turning 10.  This life we all get to embrace is an exciting gift; every birthday a celebration of what we value most -- the loves of our lives.

Rise and shine, it's your birthday! I have a tradition of decorating the stairs and breakfast area every birthday morning.  The boys wake up to celebration.

This year, for Titus' birthday, we were heading out early to the mountains for a snow ski day! Breakfast was grab and go...with birthday sprinkles too!

A handful of sweet birthday snacks for the day...

I "themed" his day out with sprinkles.  Birthday cake fudge and birthday cake taffy...

After a quick drive to the slopes, it was time for ski fun. you like crazy

Birthday fun with brothers and friends! 
 We love Colorado!

Always chillin'

Snow paint, snow fun, snow celebrating

We all took a break from the slopes to celebrate inside the lodge.

I made birthday cake fudge INSTEAD of cake.

This stuff is super rich.  
It's really cute but I don't think I'll make it again. ;) 

Make a wish!

Titus is the JOY of our home.  
He makes us all smile, even when we are grumpy. 
 He wakes up early and throws happy into our days. 
 He has a tender heart and firm convictions.
He gives love and sees the good in life.

I am crazy about my Titus.  

He has my heart
 wrapped, wrapped, wrapped, 
around his finger.

(at least that's what Chris always tells me) ;)

Check back later next week for a birthday party post from this party girl! Titus had a paper airplane MAKIN' party over the weekend and I can't wait to show you the details.

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1 comment:

caveman said...

Titus doesn't just have you wrapped around his fingers, he has ALL of us wrapped around his finger. Each picture of him has me smiling and hearing his full-of-joy voice. Oh, and what kid has a mama cool enough to throw him a 10th B-day on the ski slopes? I'd say he has it made :-)