Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No More Toddlers in the House

Titus got to open a present this morning and here they all are playing with it right before we leave for school. Titus is having a dinosaur party later in the month.
Happy Birthday Titus

Today Titus turns 5 years old.

We already said goodbye to soft little baby bundles wrapped up like burritos, as we welcomed the new joys of crawling infants that explored everything! Then, we watched with pleasure as they walked sloppily across the room, babbling aloud, and pointing at every fascinating wonder they saw. Messes were made as the tupperware from kitchen cabinets got thrown over their heads onto the floor, and as toilet paper was rolled out from the bathroom into the living room. We looked on with smiles as each toddler said "momma!" or "daddy!" for the first time as they wrapped their little arms around our legs.

Each discovery caused delight in their precious faces:

when they flattened their hands out and whacked the water in the bathtub, watching it splash high,

or the first time they felt their feet sink into the mud,

or finding out that baby powder looks like soft snow if they sprinkled it over their toys.

Then suddenly, and almost without warning, they evolved from toddlers into little boys. Our boys drew pictures to grace our walls, and they began sounding out words in books which turned into sentences. Every sound they formed with their little mouths, brows furrowed in concentration, was an accomplishment! Their sweet voices sounded bigger, and the questions they asked made us stop and wonder how on earth they thought of such complex thoughts! Each one took his place as a 100% boy, outgrowing the cherished moments of toddlerhood. And today, our last one steps up to join his brothers as a "big boy". So, we have no more toddlers in the house.
In place of milk bottles we have Dasani water bottles. In place of soft foot patters down the hall, we have loud thumps as they run. In place of little squeak toys, we have lego kingdoms.
However, some things remain the same. They still blow us kisses each night, they still think momma and daddy are the best people on earth, and they still bring that unexplainable joy to our hearts as we watch them grow.

And I suppose that is why each birthday is a celebration...


caveman said...

Thank you for being the mother of my children. I cried as a read this post. No one should get to live a life as blessed as mine, and I know you are at the root of it. I love you Angel.

Dorey said...

So sweet Lisa! I can't believe your youngest is 5! Your boys are all adorable. I'm glad you have a blog it will be fun to check in. TTYL

Anonymous said...

Lisa,what a beautiful word artist you are, as well as being a mom with a huge, tender heart! How blessed those little blond-haired boys are to have you for their mom. Keep painting those wonderful family life pictures.


Whow !!! I think my beutiful daughter shoud be a writer !! what a story !! and what a beutiful family.. love, Dad..