Thursday, March 19, 2009

Backyard Adventures

I suppose there are some positive aspects to having no landscaping in our backyard. I just usually don't see them...

Instead I notice the dust clouds that swirl in circles threatening to enter our home.

I notice the deep mud that the rain brings and dreadfully anticipate big splashes of muddy prints in the doorway.

I notice the sticks that litter the yard, clogging up our drainage.

But this day I noticed the creativity of my boys as they designed and built safely forts! As the walls went up, I could picture my boys chatting excitedly about the enemy coming and the need to establish their safe haven quickly! I could image the excitement on their faces as they sharpened their swords (tree branches) for battle. I knew that they didn't notice the dirt all over their clothes, because in their adventurous boy hearts, their filthy clothes were shining armor and their sand-filled hair was covered with a majestic knight helmet. They rushed around, lost in their own exciting reality, talking in tough voices to one another, forgetting that they were not on a far-stretching battlefield, but only in their disorganized backyard with no landscaping.

So, I suppose those are the benefits to not having neatly trimmed shrubs, perfectly-potted flowers, and fresh cut grass. Isn't is amazing how our eyes can see the same thing as either beautiful or ugly? It's all how you look at it!


caveman said...

Isn't it special how a perfect Momma finds so much joy in everything. :D

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful post!!!

sadly, our back yard looks worse than that and we didn't just move in like you did!

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely darling post! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing the creativity and the innocence of youth.



Anonymous said...

Children are amazing like that! I love their rock forts -- so creative!