Friday, March 13, 2009

More Party Prep & the Cute Cake!

Here is the dinosaur cake I made today, he has a smiley face too, however it is hard to see in this photo. He is a cute little dino, who would want to eat him? :(

The boys helped put together these treat bags for the party. Each child will have their name on it followed by "saurus", like Titusaurus...or Dakotahsaurus.

This is one of the crafts we are going to do: draw a landscape picture and glue on the foam dinosaurs.


Abby Killam said...

super cute.... this is like what i do everyday as a little kid science teacher hahaha! have fun!!

Moore Minutes said...

lol...good thing you're creative! I bet the kids have lots of fun with you. :) I SHOULD be doing more of this, since I have a handful of boys at home, but I rarely take time to be creative with them.

caveman said...

:D I love it!! This is the coolest cake I have ever seen. In fact, I want one just like it for my birthday... But orange!