Thursday, March 18, 2010

LollipOp cOOkies and Clowns

Lollipop Cookies for my Sweet Six Year Old!

Our littlest man turned 6 in this
month of March!

Titus Christopher
~cutest little six year old on the block (of course!)~

Last year we did a big dinosaur party for him with friends.

This year we didn't do a big party gathering. Instead, we did a SURPRISE visit at his school and a family dinner later in the week. Today, I wanted to share about the surprise school visit....later this month I will share about the family dinner.

My oldest son, Skyler and I made some Lollipop Cookies to take to all the kids in Titus' classroom at school! They turned out super adorable! But of course if you put anything on a lollipop stick and tie it with ribbon, CUTE-NESS is guaranteed!

I found this recipe on my always favorite, They took a trillion hours to make soooo I won't be making them again. *wink*

We dyed parts of sugar cookie dough a variety
of super vibrant colors!

Then we did a lot of balling, smooshing (is that even a word?!), and rolling.
Aww, they look like little beach balls!

Then we made creepy snakes out of them
and twirled them into loopy circles
for the whole swirly effect.

***Before baking, I inserted the sticks. I dipped the ends of the sticks in egg whites to help the sticks stay like glue because I knew a big handful of kids would be not so gentle with these precious cookies that took billions of hours to make.***

And...TA DA!
The most colorful cookies in the world
for a classroom of happy, full of color and life, kids!
OKAY. These are ready to go.

I also hired a clown to pop over to the boys' school and surprise the entire classroom! The clown made animal balloons for each child. I did feel bad for his teacher as I'm sure it was hard to focus on READING, WRITING, and ARITHMETIC after
the sugar on a stick,
and balloons,
and clowns...

Titus was super shy when the clown walked in to the chorus of

But his older brother helped him to warm up to the clown...

A room full of excited kids await their balloon animal!

Titus got a TINY TURTLE which is IDEAL for his personality!

Happy {Sweet} Birthday Titus
Each student got to take home an animal balloon and cookie lollipop.

Speaking of ways to make life extra special for the little feet and hands in our MUST visit Hoity Toity Baby! Every detail is special, ideal for our little loves!

My Sweet Friend, Nicole, owner of Hoity Toity, is giving away a lot of super unique and fun treats on her site. But you only have until Friday to enter!

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Kelly Miller said...

I love those cookies! I just got a pan off Freecycle that would be perfect for making them.

They should sell pre-dyed shortbread! :)

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

These cookies look fabulous - great job!

Natalie of said...

wow you are super mom!! what a cute cookie but yes..looks like it is time consuming. not sure if i'll try it out but i can oo and aa from afar. hehe. what a fun birthday for your little one!!

Blogs said...

Ur just the best ma ever. These look so yummy;) Happy Birthday Titus!

Tootsie said...

this is awesome...I once tried those cookies and said bad words!!! lol
you are an awesome mommy!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a cute little man...and love the lollipops....I have 2 GREAT GIVEAWAYS that I will draw for on Sunday hope you will stop by.....

Anonymous said...

cute cute cute. fun day for all!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

What an amazing party!!! Those cookies are awesome!!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a fabulous idea those cookie pops are...and they look SO yummy!

KimMalk said...

These lollipop cookies turned out so beautiful, the bright colors are fun. Your little man looks cute in his shades, etc. I want to make sure you noticed my current giveaway is a LB basket.

Faded Plains said...

You always have such cute and creative ideas for the lolli-cookies.

Unknown said...

Great idea! Love the pops - don't you hate when you start something and look around like who's dang idea was this! lol things always seem to take longer than anticipated! Thanks for leaving me blog love! hope you enjoy!

Kim @
party inspiration

Its So Very Cheri said...

What a great surprise Lisa.


Michelle said...

I love the cookies. I laughed at your "took forever" comment. I hate it when cute stuff ends up being a pain in the rear.

That is awesome that his school was so open to your surprise. When I brought ballons to my son on his birthday to school they told me they were not allowed. Apparently they don't like disruptions in their school day (which I understand) but it did rain on his birthday parade. Now I just send them with treats in the morning and let the teachers pass them out when works best for them.

Anonymous said...

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

WOW - what kid wouldn't love this?! You have just upped the ante for every other kid in that class! said...

You know I adore baking cute cookies so I think these are uber cute! Great job, Lisa!!


Kristen said...

Those cookies are marvelous. Even though they took a lot of time, I am sure, as a mom of boys, that your son enjoyed the process of helping you as much as eating them at the party later. The dinosaur cookies were pretty cute, too. Great ideas!

Tammy @ said...

What a fun birthday! I will have to try those cookies, so cute!

Best wishes,

Valarie said...

Those cookies are so adorable. My son will be 24 on Monday, and I think I will make him some. hehe Your son is adorable.
Have a wonderful day.

KimMalk said...

Hi Lisa, I don't know why the MckLinky wasn't working. I set it up for 9a.m. (I thought I had it set for EST.) I do so appreciate you trying/ checking.

Stefany said...

Those are fantastic! I will not be making them because they take way too long for me but they are so cool. Your boy is super lucky. :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a glorious day for a handsome young man! Happy Birthday, Titus!

Lisa, those cookies are too cute! You are such a wonderful mom and Skylar a terrific big brother.


Ashley Pichea [] said...

I'll be making these SOON with my daughter - she'll LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

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Jen @ said...

Those cookies are just adorable Lisa! Thanks for linking up to the Weekend Wrap Up Party!

I hope you will link up and show us more of your projects!


Room to Inspire said...

Those cookies are simply adorable! They look like they DID take forever - but worth every minute!


Unknown said...

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