Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tangerine and Turquoise 30th Family Birthday BASH

 "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."  I've been worrying a bit too much about turning the big 3-0 and then it happened and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...yet.  My Mom really helped soften the blow by throwing a super fun family party as using these kind cards for decor:

You know, Moms really know how to comfort their kids and make them feel better! 





Thanks Mom and Dad!

But in all seriousness, using greeting cards as part of party table decor is a super smart idea! And my Mom has some mad skills for making things beautiful, for throwing pretty parties, and for hostessing.

My husband and I have birthdays a day apart and we both turned 30 this year. My Mom gave us an awesome shared celebration. 

   I was extra excited to walk into their house and find this set up for Chris and me:

She attends to every detail (sort of like someone else...yours truly). We are detail girls, homemaker girls, and definitely related. {wink}

My Mom used two season hot colors for our party:
 tangerine and turquoise

She wove a string of paper lanterns over a scarf for the table display.  Both the lanterns and the scarf were also birthday gifts for me! :)

I also got to take home this happy orange lily. 
It's such a smart idea to use gifts as party decor. It's also one of my favorite party tips to share.  

 Our family five all together ready to party 
like rockstars  like mature 30 year olds with kids.

I double love this table she made for us, 
and the boys matched the party colors...who knew?

I'm a chips and salsa snackin, burrito makin, Mexican food kind of girl.  My Mom prepared only the best Mexican dinner for us. 

She always sets such a stunning table and taking pictures of tables is one of my favorite things to do. 

Being cautious, Titus gingerly tip toes to the table, holding his milk in a fancy glass, carefully with two hands...

Kotah happy to have a glass of milk with dinner!

My Dad doing his thing on the grill, busting out some carne asadas for the family. 

After dinner, we were onto the good stuff: gifts.

I really like receiving money.

That pretty much makes my day, any day.

Oh, and cards are a sweet gesture too. ;) 


My mom is very talented gift-giver.  She puts all the extra thought into it, which always makes people smile from the inside out.  This time she made ALL the gifts MATCH the party color.

Like this new shirt for Chris to wear...

Chris and I got a collection of tangerine colored treasures:
Tangerine nail polish, the new Pioneer Woman cookbook, a new summer handbag, a bright necktie, flashlight, and more...it was ALL tangerine!

My brother always comes up with unique and creative gifts too!  

He made Chris and I these AMAZING origami money gifts. 
 He gave me flowers and shirts...but the shirts were a bit too small.  

Every fold was perfect.

He gave Chris neckties and bow ties.

Our sweet boys presented us with a giant size scroll card.  

My Mom is a super star cake baker girl.  
She baked two special (and I'm quite sure very time-consuming!) cakes
from Rose's Heavenly Cakes book, 
one for me and one for Chris.  

Because I'm a banana fan, my cake was a
 banana cake with a white chocolate frosting.  

Chris loves dark chocolate so she baked him a
 beautiful Black Chocolate bundt cake. 

Some reflections on birthday candles:

Symbolism is quiet beauty.  
Symbolic rituals silently say much more than words, 
always presenting beauty and meaning with grace. 
 Lit birthday candles are individual flames of years past, 
encompassing in unity, the good and bad times.  

The flickers of miniature flames are quick reminders of 
who we are now 
and what we've already lived. 
 Each candle celebrates OUR years, 
representing LIFE. 

We visually see each year of our life for a few seconds 
as those we love wish us what we all seek: 
future happiness. 
"A happy birthday to you, a happy birthday to you, 
and the best year you've ever had."

Then, by traditional ritual, 
we blow out the past years and embrace the future 
with prayers, 
and blessings. 

And after the flames are silenced, 
the melted wax candles are discarded, the years together in a cluster.  
Though set aside, 
we still pocket the good years in our memories, 
and remember the hard years as lessons of growth. 

But on our birthdays, 
we turn our eyes to the PRESENT, to our own NOW time, 
and focus on a new year, 
spent well. 

 We simply celebrate.  

Thank you Mom and Dad for giving us a 30th party prepared with love. 
 Chris and I literally enjoyed every minute.  

And now, my turn to tease you a bit since you had your moments of harassing us with our new
 "older ages"...
Doesn't it make you feel O.L.D. to have kids in their 30s?   

But at least you could still be cute even if you have old kids now. Ha. ;)  

Cheers to 30!

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Jane said...

What a great way to celebrate your 30th birthdays! Your mom is so creative...and I LOVE her choice of colors (I think she and I could be great friends!) Your parents and your brother are so very generous with their talents. You and your family are truly blessed.

Happy birthday, again.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful party and I love the colors your mom chose..Holy cow does your brother look like your dad..The boys were too cute being so careful with their glasses of milk..You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family..Looks like everyone had a great time..Have a fabulous week..

Sugarr2518 said...

I love all of the decorations! The colors were a great together and it was neat to see that everyone matched the colors of the party:) How much fun!

Gail S. said...

Wow!! Your Mom does such a GREAT job planning celebrations!!! I also love the color combo! Looks like you both had wonderful birthdays :)

The Tuscan Home said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun party and I love the decorations. Y'all look so young, not a day over 20, good genes! =) The boys are so cute! Thanks for sharing! xo ~Liz

Aledia said...

What a fun party! Love the colors and your cakes look delish!

Have a great night!
Aledia @ Plum Perfect

Alycia Nichols said...

This is truly one of the sweetest posts ever! Your Mom does rock when it comes to puttin' on a party, and this was no exception. The colors are fabulous!!! What talent you all have in your family! Your brother's origami TOTALLY ROCKS!!!! That would totally freak my family out if I was able to do something like that! I'll have to learn...just to watch them suck all the air out of the room with surprise!!! :-) So you and your husband were born a day apart? That's so sweet! My husband and I are 4 days apart...oh, PLUS 6 years on his side of it! :-) It's always so much fun to celebrate in tandem! No boo hooing about turning 30, gal! You're about to live the BEST years of your life as you wind your way to 40 and magical, wonderful 50 and beyond. Enjoy!!!!

Stacey said...

Adorable colors and party!
I would love if you stopped by my Creative inspirations Linky Party happening now to link this up! I would love to have you there!
Stacey of Embracing Change

Marlis said...

What a fabulous party.. How wonderful to walk into such a creative party atmosphere. The table is really pretty. thanks for sharing.. xo marlis

Barbara said...

Oh, I just loved this! The colors were absolutely beautiful together. Each detail was so lovingly thought out. Oh, those cakes! I want a bite of the chocolate one. Tell your mom to join us at Tablescape Thursday too!

cmcscraps said...

Love, Love, Love your Party theme colors! What a special evening your mom put together for you both! She's my kind of party planner. I too love keeping with the theme with every detail.
Happy Birthday!

ShanaM said...

What a fun party!!!
You and Chris look great!! And your parents look fantastic!!

annies home said...

lol love it looks very special and love all the awesome orange color come see what I shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

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